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Toddler Recipes: Chicken! Patty!



Creation brought to you by Caleb – at our family reunion last summer.

{Adorable recipe card – soon to be used for waaay more than my toddler post 😉 – is available at Purdue Avenue.  And comes in four different color stories.  Beauty.  Thanks Mandi!}


Chicken patties have a funny story in our family.  Part of the funniness is that most of us were not there. My mom, dad and little sis Anna were planning menus.  This was when Anna was the only one left at home.  My mom decided they should have menus they all three liked – seeing as there were so few to please.  They sat around discussing options when Mom had a flash of brillance.  Something she hadn’t thought of for a long time.  She slapped her hands down on the table and said Chicken! Patties!! The shock of it all caused Dad and Anna to erupt in giggles and it’s been a favorite family story ever since.

Introducing: Toddler Recipes

This yummy recipe brought to you by our toddler Caleb.

{fancy recipe card made by Mekala – free download here}

Speaking of photos, Caleb was not sure in the beginning if he was in trouble.

By the end he knew it was all good:


Christmas Greetings

Wishing you much happiness… and wishing it was Christmastime all year!

In lieu of a newsletter we’ll leave you with links to some of our favorite posts from this year – feel free to explore.

Most festive drawing: Drewby’s snowball extravaganza.

Spotlights – if you want to read about specific individuals. I think we focused on everyone at least once this year. 🙂

Best shot-put action shot: Olympic Gold

Most superb super-hero: Wonder World

New blog categories: One Word Story & Toddler Recipes. {These will make a reappearance in the coming year. :)}

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Mine? Oreo Freckles

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Close second: I. L. Y.

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Lesson learned.

Happiest arrival.

Award for most inventive communication.

Favorite family trip in 2012: Treasured

Most priceless story captured: (Loving and missing Grandma – so thankful we were able to record this story – and others. Grateful we celebrated her 95th birthday with her this year prior to her passing.)

Best short lived blogging gig. Thanks to all you indexers for putting me out of a job as a 1940 census ambassador. 🙂 (behind the scenes also available. 😉 )

Biggest IOU ever.

Lots of love from our family – Happy Treasuring!

and Cheeky kisses to you all!

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