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My layout for Mandi’s Scrap-Along. Seems more of our date nights lately are after the little ones go to bed. Evenings are just a touch on the busy side.  I’ll take any time with my mister though.  So – here’s to taking it up a notch – busting out the fresh lemonade and making it a dinner date. You know that’s right.

{Credits:  Zig-Zag paper and frames by Mandi Miles – Bubblegum Alley; Paint Splats, puffy paint arrows, arrow stitched holes, stamped alpha, and exclamations by CD Muckosky; paper arrows, flower, arrow heart, transparent arrow & xxs&oos by Weeds and Wildflowers,  Hello there tag and orange arrow by Pink Paislee, Curved black arrow by Dani Mogstad, glitter overlay by Jen Wilson, font:  Bohemian Typewriter}


Mandi’s instructions for her Scrap-Along are up! 🙂

Come play!

Fun instructions and a whole glorious week to complete!


{Her seriously cute ad.}

& a peek at the prize for entering:


Polkas and woodgrain – sign me up!


Truth or Dare Brownies… Happy Love Day all!


{Devoted Full Collection by Carta Bella, font: Traveling typewriter}

That’s right – a classic game made anew with the incentive of brownies.

Truth or Dare – what will it be?

Truths such as “You are an amazing individual with high quality muscles.” or “Laughing is good for you. So is water.” ?

Those are fun. But if you choose dare – those come with 2 brownies. 😉 And you HAVE to do the dare right away. Things like “Perform your best cheer – with a double high kick.” and “Act out your favorite scene from a movie. Don’t stop until someone guesses the show.”

So – what will it be? Either way you’re rewarded.



Planning… and wishing… and hoping… and dreaming.  One book for each month this year.


Brown paper covers sewn with regular ol’ typing paper on the inside.  And a smattering of embellishments…


Smencils not required, but oh-so-fun.  {And they have Smalentines.  In mint chocolate chip, ch-ch-cherry, be mine, sweetheart and strawberry cream.  I swoon.}



Thankful for the journey and for the best partner ever on this ride we call life.


Exhibit A


Part of our Thanksgiving feast…

Evidence of a blessed life cards ready to be filled out – thanks to Nisa for the fun-loving designs that only took slight adapting.

I just left a basket of cards nearby (journaling cards on one side and notes/frames on the other). Any family that wanted to fill one out could write/draw pictures and then clip it on the ring.

Made a file folder cover with my little guy and evidence all over his sweet mug.  And just like that… this little album is ready to be loved and enjoyed often. One fun way to count those blessings. 🙂

{credits:  Splendid Fiins:  Evidence-notes and framesEvidence-journaling cards, also: file folder, tag, clip ring, walnut ink, font: Artistamp Medium and my handwriting}

This little book is from last Thanksgiving.  I realized I never shared it here… it was sure fun to take a peek at again this year.  Handwriting and artistic skills have advanced a little, but it’s wonderful to see that many of our blessings counted are the exact same.

Flecks of Gold


This here reminder is printed on Red River’s River Linen paper (one of my favs) and displayed on our piano.  It coordinates with my treasure theme for the year.  I absolutely love this quote from Elder M. Russell Ballard:

“Great things are wrought through simple and small things. Like the small flecks of gold that accumulate over time into a large treasure, our small and simple acts of kindness and service will accumulate into a life filled with love for Heavenly Father, devotion to the work of the Lord Jesus Christ, and a sense of peace and joy each time we reach out to one another.”

I love that the little things I do each day – for my family and others are like flecks of gold.  It’s nice to imagine all that treasure building up, fleck by fleck.

The beginning story part of Elder Ballard’s talk was made into a Mormon Message:

His whole talk from General Conference can be found here.

Elder Ballard’s beautifully worded sermon is a treasure.

A fun little side note.  The gold flecks on my poster?

Those are cupcake sprinkles – sweet, no? 😉

Drewby Love Stories


Sugar lips and fingers at 2 years old were common. Andrew was into everything.  Sticky sweetness all wrapped up and topped with a grin. At 6 years old he is even sweeter – but it’s his personality that is now the {icing on the cake}.

As direct proof – here’s one more Drewby love story:


Drewby asked to help make sandwiches for lunch. His first time and he did great – with a little help from his younger siblings. Come to find out – they were J & J sandwiches. Apricot and strawberry jam – tasty!

Secret Ingredient

Love these sisterly fun times, so I’m capturing and preserving them.

Autumn & Katey made “strawberry jam” together. They combined raspberry & strawberry yogurts, frosted sugar cookie pudding, lemon juice, fresh strawberries & a “secret ingredient”. They had so much fun & claimed  it was super yummy.

My favorite part? The cute ribbon packaging.


Such fun, silly girls:

Jam mustaches:

That secret ingredient?  Raisins.

And perhaps a little sisterly love.


Story Stones


Love the idea of these!  This is my first set – all about schooling and exploring.  Inspired by story stones over at red bird crafts.

Turn over one random stone at a time to make “mystery stories”.

Place in a row to make a story.  What’s happening here?

Take turns selecting stones and telling the next part of the story.

Use to prompt memories for family history storytelling and capturing.

So many possibilities. Even more ideas here.

Now, what for my next set?  Fairytales? Carnival? Recipes? Wouldn’t it be fun to make a music note set?  Draw a staff in the dirt and write a song with stones.

If you see someone gathering rocks everywhere they go – that would be me.

Please say hi.  🙂

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