Paisley Roots and Butterfly Wings

We are the happy owners of our *first* Paisley Roots‚Äč creation!! ūüėÄ We’re a little enamored.


Meri and I both *adore* it! <3 I was definitely not the only excited one:


Those colors – I swoon. Meri says the shirt is “windproof” too! ūüėČ


I love the fabric – print and stretchy feel. It’s delightful and those tags – eek!


Karly’s¬†details are impeccable as always! So excited for my dear friend and that she is sharing her talents with us. Her first craft fair was today and she rocked¬†it!

Machine washable, my fav…


Monarch butterfly wings compliment nicely – and Meri, she knows how to fly. ūüėČ




Yesterday was a porch-swing, juice-box, sticker-book kind of day! <3 kind_of_day-1

Why, Hi There.

Hyrum discovered a new friend this morning!

It started on the bed with a peek:


He then scootched over the edge Рever so carefully… 2015-05-03_0002

to get a closer look.





One of the best friends you can have in this life buddy!


Complex Contraptions


Jacob’s take on a Rube Goldberg machine. It’s all about “depicting complex devices that perform simple tasks in indirect, convoluted ways”. Oh how he loves them.

Directions come on the back of his page:


You pull the foot rest lever (1A), opening the footrest (1B), and pulling the bed off of the board (2), onto the catapult and launching the baseball (3), knocking the board away (4), making the window press the bellows (5), making the hand on the boat knock over the board (6), hit the bookshelf (7), making the chips fall (8B) and making the rock swing off (8A), and turn on the TV (9).


Jacob loves it enough to give the “ah, yeah” face. And seriously – two great things happen here. Bag of chips in your lap and the TV turned on all from pulling the footrest back. The great thing I love? The fact that Jacob wasn’t eating chips and watching TV – because he was too busy dreaming and sketching.

Jacob’s little brother loves his plans too.


Caleb also loves posing. That one does not take a Rube Goldberg device. Simply have someone else start to pose for the camera and he’s there.

Autumn and Andrew’s drawn plans to follow‚Ķ

Easter Tidings

Happy Easter from our family!


Drewby’s drawing: “There is light in the tomb.”

Glad vs. Mad – a lesson to remember


A list… what do you think all these words are about?


The answer? Trials. The hard times. The slaps and the crazies and the wearing out the knees of your pants in prayer hard times.

The lesson today was on choosing to find joy and happiness throughout your trials and your life.

D&C 122:7-8 – “‚Ķthat all these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good. The Son of Man hath descended below them all. Art thou greater than he?”

Shelly taught the principle so well and discussed Pollyanna’s take‚Ķ find the good in the hard. These experiences are for us and our growth.

In Sacrament Meeting today one of the bishopric talked about how taking care of a new baby can be challenging. It is a trial. But it is so worth it and we know that. So we’re okay with the sleepless nights and the diapers and the demands. We know it is worth it. Then he asked a question I’ve been thinking about all day – What if we did the same thing with the other trials in our life? What if we figuratively snuggled them up and rocked them? – Knowing they would be for our good.

Same concept – worded differently.


And a mommy tip. If you have a sleepy little one at church that is just. not. wanting. to. crash. Use the camera on your phone like a mirror – so much fun to watch themselves in motion. And/or snap a quick photo. Your little one will also be entertained to see a current up-to-the-minute photo of themselves on the phone if they are anything like my little one. ūüėČ

And there you have it – joy in even the little trials.

1001 Words #2



1001 Words is a fun little series where I post one photo + one word.

Toddler Recipes: Chicken! Patty!



Creation brought to you by Caleb – at our family reunion last summer.

{Adorable recipe card – soon to be used for waaay more than my toddler post ūüėČ – is available at Purdue Avenue. ¬†And comes in four different color stories. ¬†Beauty. ¬†Thanks Mandi!}


Chicken patties have a funny story in our family. ¬†Part of the funniness is that most of us were not there. My mom, dad and little sis Anna were planning menus. ¬†This was when Anna was the only one left at home. ¬†My mom decided they should have menus they all three liked – seeing as there were so few to please. ¬†They sat around discussing options when Mom had a flash of brillance. ¬†Something she hadn’t thought of for a long time. ¬†She slapped her hands down on the table and said Chicken! Patties!! The shock of it all caused Dad and Anna to erupt in giggles and it’s been a favorite family story ever since.

Truth or Dare Brownies… Happy Love Day all!


{Devoted Full Collection by Carta Bella, font: Traveling typewriter}

That’s right – a classic game made anew with the incentive of brownies.

Truth or Dare – what will it be?

Truths such as “You are an amazing individual with high quality muscles.” or “Laughing is good for you. So is water.” ?

Those are fun. But if you choose dare – those come with 2 brownies. ūüėČ And you HAVE to do the dare right away. Things like “Perform your best cheer – with a double high kick.” and “Act out your favorite scene from a movie. Don’t stop until someone guesses the show.”

So – what will it be? Either way you’re rewarded.



This was Jim Bob’s reward after Stake Conference today. ¬†He’s in charge of the online streaming to four church buildings. ¬†Everything went smoothly and he definitely deserved a large meal and a large nap.


And this was my reward for helping all the little ones get dressed and to the church by myself.  Next time I may remember to take a photo before digging in to the pie… may.  Raspberry and blueberry both…  yum.

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