A lolly-pop tree. By Katey. A whole huge lolly-pop with 20 other smaller ones growing right on it.


And that one over there? That furtherest one? It’s Fruit Punch flavor.

Baked Potato Chips


I know the real name is Hasselback potatoes – but these are called baked potato chips around this home.

It’s amazing how much quicker they get gobbled up compared to regular baked potatoes.  Just a few nights ago I announced it was dinner time to which I got the classic “What are we eating?” I slipped and said “baked potatoes” – groans all around. And then I remembered – “Oh – I mean Baked Potato Chips!” Instant eruption of cheers. Amazing.

Simply slice the potatoes 3/4 of the way down. Rub/brush on olive oil/melted butter/the likes.  Or bake them up and place butter between the chips to melt.  Stand back as your children eat twice as many as regular baked potatoes.

Reminds me of a legendary family story.  When Jim Bob was young he did not like peas. Not in the least. But then his mom started making “meat peas” – those green ball vegetables were downright delicious! He loved “meat peas” for years before discovering they were the exact same veggie under a name-disguise.

I love my baked potato chips with Valentina and cottage cheese. This rosemary/garlic version looks delicious. And this one – Cinnamon Sugar Hasselback Sweet Potatoes with Oatmeal Cookie Crumble – you are on my list too.



Mandi’s instructions for her Scrap-Along are up! 🙂

Come play!

Fun instructions and a whole glorious week to complete!


{Her seriously cute ad.}

& a peek at the prize for entering:


Polkas and woodgrain – sign me up!


Toddler Recipes: Chicken! Patty!



Creation brought to you by Caleb – at our family reunion last summer.

{Adorable recipe card – soon to be used for waaay more than my toddler post 😉 – is available at Purdue Avenue.  And comes in four different color stories.  Beauty.  Thanks Mandi!}


Chicken patties have a funny story in our family.  Part of the funniness is that most of us were not there. My mom, dad and little sis Anna were planning menus.  This was when Anna was the only one left at home.  My mom decided they should have menus they all three liked – seeing as there were so few to please.  They sat around discussing options when Mom had a flash of brillance.  Something she hadn’t thought of for a long time.  She slapped her hands down on the table and said Chicken! Patties!! The shock of it all caused Dad and Anna to erupt in giggles and it’s been a favorite family story ever since.

Drewby Love Stories


Sugar lips and fingers at 2 years old were common. Andrew was into everything.  Sticky sweetness all wrapped up and topped with a grin. At 6 years old he is even sweeter – but it’s his personality that is now the {icing on the cake}.

As direct proof – here’s one more Drewby love story:


Drewby asked to help make sandwiches for lunch. His first time and he did great – with a little help from his younger siblings. Come to find out – they were J & J sandwiches. Apricot and strawberry jam – tasty!

Story Stones


Love the idea of these!  This is my first set – all about schooling and exploring.  Inspired by story stones over at red bird crafts.

Turn over one random stone at a time to make “mystery stories”.

Place in a row to make a story.  What’s happening here?

Take turns selecting stones and telling the next part of the story.

Use to prompt memories for family history storytelling and capturing.

So many possibilities. Even more ideas here.

Now, what for my next set?  Fairytales? Carnival? Recipes? Wouldn’t it be fun to make a music note set?  Draw a staff in the dirt and write a song with stones.

If you see someone gathering rocks everywhere they go – that would be me.

Please say hi.  🙂

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