Month of Love

During a lesson a few weeks ago at church we were challenged to show love everyday for the whole month leading up to Valentine’s Day. Simple or grand, well thought out or spontaneous – show love. The sweet sister teaching the lesson talked about how “all people are our brothers and sisters, children of our Heavenly Father”.  She said she might be taking it a bit literally – but how do children show love?  There was a whole list on the board – children are so good at it!  That was the other aspect of the challenge – share child-like love – whole-hearted. Cute notes on pillows, weed bouquets, prayers, hugs and big kisses… a whole month of love.

Here’s my first week:
Made cherry pie for JB, explained gingerbread nativity and let little ones go for it (had all the parts for about a month – kept putting it off – no longer 😉 ), painted Katey’s nails, let Katey paint mine, made banners for Family Story Night with lots of help :), had a baby!, nursed, loved, snuggled, sweet-talked, repeat :), back rub for the mister, and shared my brownies.

The last one might have been the hardest. 😉

I loved President George Albert Smith’s thoughts in the same lesson, “… the more we give of that which is uplifting and enriching to our Father’s children, the more we have to give.  It grows like a great fountain of life and bubbles up to eternal happiness.”

It’s been wonderful focusing on showing love in simple ways.  Care to join me?  It’s down to a little over a week now – but truly, anytime is a good time to show love.

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