Yesterday was a porch-swing, juice-box, sticker-book kind of day! <3 kind_of_day-1

The Yum

Sometimes I get a little conceited about the lunches I pack…


I think the note worked – Drewby came home today and said it was his best lunch ever!!

Smiley Sammies

We *love* making open face sandwiches in our family. One peanut-buttered up piece of bread and random toppings ready to be made into edible creations.

I’ll have to dig up other photos of coconut hair, s’more toppings, and flavor combinations at their best. This time though just involved carrots. Katey and Caleb’s idea of a good time.

Super sweet smiles…


Smiles all around…


And tasty – from what I hear. 😉



Our garden behaved nicely while we were gone. 


Hurray for ripe tomatoes, harvested garlic and the first handful of green beans.

Mom Pipes did a fabulous job of watching over the garden while we were gone. So thankful!

I’m your huckleberry.


Digging through photos and found some of breakfast on the first day of summer.

In honor of my parents visiting from Idaho we had pancakes with vanilla ice cream and huckleberry syrup… SO scrumptious!

Did you know that huckleberries are the state fruit of Idaho? My little ones do now. About time – seeing as they are one half Idahoan. 😉



I love comics. And I love Mexican food.

A comic about Mexican food? Beauty.


Thank you my fun lovin’ Jacob.


Living it up!

Served Popcorn Chicken in muffin cups

and just wrapped a birthday present topped with candy.


I love my child-friendly life!

Meet Me Here…


My layout for Mandi’s Scrap-Along. Seems more of our date nights lately are after the little ones go to bed. Evenings are just a touch on the busy side.  I’ll take any time with my mister though.  So – here’s to taking it up a notch – busting out the fresh lemonade and making it a dinner date. You know that’s right.

{Credits:  Zig-Zag paper and frames by Mandi Miles – Bubblegum Alley; Paint Splats, puffy paint arrows, arrow stitched holes, stamped alpha, and exclamations by CD Muckosky; paper arrows, flower, arrow heart, transparent arrow & xxs&oos by Weeds and Wildflowers,  Hello there tag and orange arrow by Pink Paislee, Curved black arrow by Dani Mogstad, glitter overlay by Jen Wilson, font:  Bohemian Typewriter}

Truth or Dare Brownies… Happy Love Day all!


{Devoted Full Collection by Carta Bella, font: Traveling typewriter}

That’s right – a classic game made anew with the incentive of brownies.

Truth or Dare – what will it be?

Truths such as “You are an amazing individual with high quality muscles.” or “Laughing is good for you. So is water.” ?

Those are fun. But if you choose dare – those come with 2 brownies. 😉 And you HAVE to do the dare right away. Things like “Perform your best cheer – with a double high kick.” and “Act out your favorite scene from a movie. Don’t stop until someone guesses the show.”

So – what will it be? Either way you’re rewarded.



This was Jim Bob’s reward after Stake Conference today.  He’s in charge of the online streaming to four church buildings.  Everything went smoothly and he definitely deserved a large meal and a large nap.


And this was my reward for helping all the little ones get dressed and to the church by myself.  Next time I may remember to take a photo before digging in to the pie… may.  Raspberry and blueberry both…  yum.

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