August Days, pt. 2

We were running around playing a few days ago and I realized Meri had band-aid art.


*Love* my man and his ways.

August Days

Just a normal Sunday morning at our place…


Top of the Morning!

Some mornings you just have to pop the screen out of your bedroom window and take a picture of the clouds! 11728826_10154503772292524_9129415765576263151_o


Tonight is the final performance of the Manti Mormon Miracle Pageant!! 🙂

Thankful for summer nights full of scriptural truth and hope.

A few pics from last night – love these little Nephites!

MM_Pageant_2015-1 MM_Pageant_2015-2

One of my favorite parts? Walking around barefoot everywhere and Meri’s cute observation that the warm asphalt “feels like cookie”. She seriously mentioned it every night! 🙂

And the ninjas behind the scenes – Jacob and Josh – helped their Grandma Pipes this year with props and sets. Their favorite part? Shooting off the fire in the storm scenes right before Christ comes to America.



Stage crew has it’s advantages! Those down times when you’re not moving stuff, there is usually just enough light somewhere to read by. 😉

Jim Bob captured this moment last night:


Makes me smile. Those would be my boys!!

{Ha! I’ll work on getting it facing the right way. 😉 There it is for now though. 🙂 }

Miss Katey

This creative chica keeps me smiling.

Here she is showing off her new hair accessory from my cousin and good friend Veralyn. 🙂  Katey's_Thank-you_Veralyn-2

She decided that her outfit was simply not fancy enough to go with it – so she added a skirt she made out of a napkin. 😉


Later that day she decided it was time to freshen up her belt wardrobe…


with material cut from an old shirt and a fresh rose growing by the clothesline in our backyard. Katey's_flower_belt-2

Yep, that’s how this chica rolls… and I dig it. 🙂

Paisley Roots and Butterfly Wings

We are the happy owners of our *first* Paisley Roots​ creation!! 😀 We’re a little enamored.


Meri and I both *adore* it! <3 I was definitely not the only excited one:


Those colors – I swoon. Meri says the shirt is “windproof” too! 😉


I love the fabric – print and stretchy feel. It’s delightful and those tags – eek!


Karly’s details are impeccable as always! So excited for my dear friend and that she is sharing her talents with us. Her first craft fair was today and she rocked it!

Machine washable, my fav…


Monarch butterfly wings compliment nicely – and Meri, she knows how to fly. 😉



Why, Hi There.

Hyrum discovered a new friend this morning!

It started on the bed with a peek:


He then scootched over the edge – ever so carefully… 2015-05-03_0002

to get a closer look.





One of the best friends you can have in this life buddy!


Painting Piggies


Katey decided it was about time to have her nails painted and took it upon herself.






Then she sat in front of the small box fan to dry them.


When I came back a short while later I found her like this:


Just gone.


Nothing better on a late summer afternoon.

{August 22, 2013}

Sleepy One

One of those sweet little memories I don’t want to forget.

Jim Bob took the photos and wrote the notes:

“Today Meri came home from church exhausted. She couldn’t even last through a short movie and crashed in the chair.”


“Caleb came along and plopped down next to her, apparently oblivious as her sleeping body flopped over onto him. She never made a sound.”


Such a cute little sibling moment and a testament of how Meri lives her life – full on no matter what she does. Including Nursery: coloring, singing time and sliding all. No wonder she’s worn out each week!

p.s. Looking at these photos I realized that Meri had her binky back then. She was so sleepy it was popped though. These photos were taken Sept.22nd. A little over a month ago and she’s been long done with the bink. She bit a hole in it, was so sad it was “broken” and threw it away. Asked about it a couple times, but never fully broke down or mourned the loss – just moved on. She has definitely been the easiest to transition on that one.

Night Photography

Jim Bob and I spent some time this summer playing with night photography. Jim Bob more with the stars, fireworks and lights – me with the moon and an occasional flashlight. 😉 So much fun to experiment in low light and try a few times to get the image in our minds. It helped that we had just acquired a tripod begging to be played with.

Here are a few of my favorites – some from both of us:


Date night back in June. No, not in the treehouse. The two of us running around trying out different shutter speeds and the amount of time we left the lights on for each platform. Lightbulbs, Christmas lights, flashlights. Climbing on limbs and ducking out of sight. So fun and learning/experimenting together is even kinda romantic.  {28mm, f3.5, ISO 800, 5 sec – where we ended up after much playing around. ;)}


Jim Bob’s description: One of the things I LOVE about living in a small town is that I can go in my backyard on any given night and have an excellent chance of seeing the Milky Way. {28mm f3.5 6400 20sec}


These two were taken at the Riverwoods while there for an Usborne Book booth in August. Jim Bob spent much of the time wandering, setting up and capturing light shots. So many fun ones from that night and such a fun atmosphere.



Moonlight & clouds – with a wondrous foreground. 🙂 Our neighbor sent a text to let us know that the moon was gorgeous and that Jim Bob and I needed to take photos. We headed up to the Heritage Gardens and had a wonderful time together taking photos of the Manti Temple. {ISO 100, f 5.6, 1/6th, 56 mm (28-135mm lens)}


One of my favorites from all summer! Jim Bob again. 🙂  – “In Manti the volunteer fire department shoots the city fireworks from the county fairgrounds, right below the Manti Temple. I setup the tripod on top of our van and got a great view of the show.”  {28mm f8 4sec iso100}

Love the memories made and the photos captured. More to come for sure…

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