Thanksgiving morning our older kiddos went to grandma’s home to play with cousins. Meri stuck around to help me bake pies. She was such a sweet little helper. She loved putting her hands right in the pie crust and said it was “boingy”. Like a little trampoline she bounced a few of those crusts a few times. 😉 Meri also loved rolling out her own little crusts and would pull small pieces off and say “Teeny!” It was so much fun to have her around making this delicious task even more yummy.

pie_helper-3 pie_helper-4

Started out by making lemon meringue. Jim Bob’s dad’s favorite. It also reminds me of Thanksgiving growing up when we traveled to Grandpa and Grandma Smith’s home. Aunt Lillian always made lemon meringue. Sometimes I would spend the afternoon playing with my cousin Emily at her place after the big meal was done. When I did – we always had leftover pie for dinner. That’s it – just lots of lemon pie. Good memories! The secret to the way Grandpa Pipes’ loved them is the graham cracker crust and putting in 1/2 cup of lemon juice instead of water in the first part of the pudding recipe. Gives it a tang that is irresistible.


The pumpkin recipe is the one straight out of the Better Homes & Garden cookbook. We made our own pumpkin puree though – from pumpkins grown in our garden this year. Yum! And because I always forget – 15 oz. of puree is 1 3/4 cups. 😉 This year I also tried the Carmel Pecan Pumpkin recipe the next page over. So glad we did – delicious!


And a few photos of the apple in the process. I was afraid the light would be completely gone by the time we finished those. Two regular and two dutch apple. Just a little side note. While finishing the dutch apple pies I realized I forgot the 2 T. flour per pie in the two that were already baking at Mom’s. I figured not a big deal – what difference would 2 T. of flour make? Just so you know – a big one. Those 2 pies tasted good – but were so soupy and made a mess when trying to dish up and eat. After they were drained it worked much better. Another reminder that little things make a big impact.



And the final product. So much goodness. The leftovers were divine too.


The Yum

Sometimes I get a little conceited about the lunches I pack…


I think the note worked – Drewby came home today and said it was his best lunch ever!!

Armpit Fudge


The recipe from Scout Round Table last week:


I knew as soon as I saw it that not only would my 8 & 9-year-old scouts love this, but my little ones too.


I was sooo right. Fun, easy, yummy and a little bit gross.  Enjoy!


p.s. You can totally just squish it up with your hands if you want! 😉 Or double bag the ingredients and make a throwing, running, squishing game out of it.

p.p.s. The recipe is from cubscoutideas.com. My only adjustment – snip the corner of the bag and squeeze out – much less messy than a spoon. 🙂 There is also a Cub Scout requirement list included on the paper & site.

Smiley Sammies

We *love* making open face sandwiches in our family. One peanut-buttered up piece of bread and random toppings ready to be made into edible creations.

I’ll have to dig up other photos of coconut hair, s’more toppings, and flavor combinations at their best. This time though just involved carrots. Katey and Caleb’s idea of a good time.

Super sweet smiles…


Smiles all around…


And tasty – from what I hear. 😉


I’m your huckleberry.


Digging through photos and found some of breakfast on the first day of summer.

In honor of my parents visiting from Idaho we had pancakes with vanilla ice cream and huckleberry syrup… SO scrumptious!

Did you know that huckleberries are the state fruit of Idaho? My little ones do now. About time – seeing as they are one half Idahoan. 😉


Food Fast

Cheesy Sausage & Fries


Child-friendly – simple & delicious.

Swirl some oil into a skillet. Slice sausage and chop potatoes (used a fry cutter). Brown in the skillet together. Cook over medium heat for about 20-30 minutes until throughly cooked and delicious.

The adult version:


Seriously yummy as is – just change out the dinnerware. 😉


Half and Half

This is seriously the best way to eat leftovers of the baked potato chips.


The potatoes are already a third of the way to being cubed.  😉

Brown sausage in a cast iron skillet.  Finish cutting the potatoes and throw into the sausage-y goodness.  Scramble eggs on the other half of your massive skillet – or use two. That works too. 🙂

Half potatoes/sausage:


Half scrambly eggs:


Fully delicious.


Enjoy! – Best eaten outdoors.


Seriously, this meal is something our whole family enjoys.  Meri (15 months old now!) is sitting on my lap helping me put the photos in the post and she keeps saying “yum, num, yum”. That may have something to do with the brownie remnants on her face.  😉 In my defense – she is pointing at the screen and diving for said photos.  She has learned a new word “Tate-toe”!  and I am fairly certain if she was given that plate the first thing that would make it’s way to her mouth would be the watermelon.

Baked Potato Chips


I know the real name is Hasselback potatoes – but these are called baked potato chips around this home.

It’s amazing how much quicker they get gobbled up compared to regular baked potatoes.  Just a few nights ago I announced it was dinner time to which I got the classic “What are we eating?” I slipped and said “baked potatoes” – groans all around. And then I remembered – “Oh – I mean Baked Potato Chips!” Instant eruption of cheers. Amazing.

Simply slice the potatoes 3/4 of the way down. Rub/brush on olive oil/melted butter/the likes.  Or bake them up and place butter between the chips to melt.  Stand back as your children eat twice as many as regular baked potatoes.

Reminds me of a legendary family story.  When Jim Bob was young he did not like peas. Not in the least. But then his mom started making “meat peas” – those green ball vegetables were downright delicious! He loved “meat peas” for years before discovering they were the exact same veggie under a name-disguise.

I love my baked potato chips with Valentina and cottage cheese. This rosemary/garlic version looks delicious. And this one – Cinnamon Sugar Hasselback Sweet Potatoes with Oatmeal Cookie Crumble – you are on my list too.


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