Olympic Gold

Meet my amazing, sweet, beautiful, giggly, new mama, fun-lovin’ sister Christina:

She’s on the right. 😉

Recently we went on a road trip/family reunion together.  It was pure gold.  I loved having her riding shot gun and we talked and talked and talked for a few days.  Loved it.  On our last day together we visited our hometown and took some sister photos by the train station.  We might have been excited about the Olympics coming up and our photo shoot shifted.

Synchronized swimming anyone?  We need more people on our team.

Shot put is one of my favorites.  Christina – well, she’s a good sport.

Did you see Reese Hoffa win the bronze last night? Ah-mazing!

I find it interesting to hear what people say/yell/grunt when throwing.  What would you scream?  For me it’s a toss up between plum and sprinkle. 😉

If there was an event for dancing – we would so tie for gold and share that podium.

Perhaps in the future – doesn’t hurt to dream big.  And these moves aren’t going anywhere.

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  1. Boston Henke says:

    Hi Becky! I finally found your blog! YaY! What fun stuff you have on here! I am so so excited to read through it all …..we love you guys and sure miss you. It was good to see you a few months ago. 🙂

  2. AWE-SOME! I have been so enthralled by the olympics. It’s driving my kiddos crazy. Except for the parts when they decide that they want to go to the olympics as a swimmer. And a beach volleyball player. And a gymnast. etc. I love it!

  3. 1. that first picture is ADORABLE.
    2. I just giggled through that entire shot put video. (plum OR sprinkle are excellent options!)
    3. I love your action-photo of you guys and your imaginary shot put balls. 🙂

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