Stars Aligning {May 9-15}

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The Mother Daughter Tea was a delight! Brynlee stayed the day with us and got to attend as well. We read Stargirl together before going and the book was fresh on their minds for the discussion.


The girls especially enjoyed the treats and put together a plate to take to Jim Bob as well. Chocolates from Candies on Main, deviled eggs, Black Forest cake and a variety of sandwiches were all hits!


Meri loved that the little glass trays had “cupcake holders” and her teacup sat elsewhere. 😉

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At the end, after the girls helped clean up, they let them take home extra chocolates and mints. Brynlee found a handy pocket in the bow on her dress. 😉



A fun week of Stars aligning as we went out on a movie date that weekend. :)

Multiple Versions {23-29 November 2015}

File Dec 20, 10 48 42 PM File Dec 20, 10 48 16 PM

A week filled with “multiple versions”. Starting with Aslan masks from our Chronicles of Narnia studies:


The lionesses:


And Katey-Lion is all her glory:


Thankful to have help from our oldest boys for the Thanksgiving pies. Caramel Pecan Pumpkin and Lemon Meringue with graham cracker crust. Meringue pie – and hair! 😉 As well as multiple paper airplanes from Katey for her invented game:



Gorgeous snow in the mountains and only one version of our favorite Subway sandwich Christmas-tree cutting tradition. Oven Roasted Chicken with bacon and *lots* of veggies – on Italian Herb and Cheese bread. The cookie can vary though – White Chocolate Macademia Nut, Sugar Cookies and Raspberry Cheesecake topping the list. 😉


And one happy p.s.: So thankful that when Andrew’s cable for his receiver stopped working we were able to use the juice box earned as a home office challenge prize from Usborne to re-charge it. Lifesaver!


These are the Days {16-22 November 2015}

November16-1 November16-2

Hyrum’s set-up for hours of enjoyment:


One car, one train set piece and one orange…

November-21 November-22

And then there was no orange. 😉

November-19 November-20

Storytime with Daddy is the best! It started out with this story…


And then quickly others gathered around to hear a couple of new Christmas-y stories.


Little, insistent hands crack me up. This way Daddy! :) November-33 November-32

A little directing of the music from Meri.



And then all snuggling in to enjoy. :)

November-31     November-30

Tender Mercies {9-15 November 2015}

November_9-1 November_9-2


I cannot get enough of this mini photo-shoot with Meri. We had so much fun! Her loving on the first snow of the season – and perhaps posing just a tad. 😉

November-web-5 November-web-6 November-web-7 November-web-8 November2_w-4 November-web-9 November-web-10

Here’s the up-close photo of the parts for the Primary Program too. :)


Such a wonderful week full of reminders that Someone is looking out for us, knows us and loves us!

August Days, pt. 2

We were running around playing a few days ago and I realized Meri had band-aid art.


*Love* my man and his ways.

August Days


Just a normal Sunday morning at our place…

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Top of the Morning!


Some mornings you just have to pop the screen out of your bedroom window and take a picture of the clouds!

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Tonight is the final performance of the Manti Mormon Miracle Pageant!! Thankful for summer nights full of scriptural truth and hope. A few pics from last night – love these little Nephites! One of my favorite parts? Walking around barefoot everywhere and Meri’s cute observation that the warm asphalt “feels like cookie”. She seriously mentioned […]

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Miss Katey


This creative chica keeps me smiling. Here she is showing off her new hair accessory from my cousin and good friend Veralyn.   She decided that her outfit was simply not fancy enough to go with it – so she added a skirt she made out of a napkin. 😉 Later that day she decided it […]

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Spotlight: Joshua


Dad: Tonight we honor Joshua. Andrew: For being Joshua. Josh: Give me highly expensive gifts! Jacob: How about a post on Mom’s blog? That’s highly expensive in love. Katey: We’re just talking about Josh? Josh: Just me! Meri: You have no fuzzies in your toes Mom! Andrew: I like that Josh likes to play on […]

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