Sunbeam lesson on Sunday was “I Have Feelings“.  Funny thing about those little ones – they wanted to know which face they each were.  They also helped me rename some of the feelings from the suggestions in the lesson.  Angry?  nope, that’s mad.  Surprised is close to frightened.  And I thought it was so cute that Katey thought my tired face was grateful.  I guess my drawn girl looks a little too happy and thoughtful to be tired.

I also included the finger play from the lesson on the bottom of the paper.  I thought they might enjoy that one – I was right.  Hopefully they were able to do it at home a few times this week.  One part in the manual that I loved – “it is good to show all of the different feelings we have, but we must show them in the right ways, especially when we are angry.”

When I asked what to do when feeling mad, sad or scared, Katey said you can talk to “Oh… mom or dad… or grandma or grandpa if they are sleeping over at your house.”  I love her sweet little answers.

Sharing Time conversation-
Jacob (out of the blue): My dad is the greatest!
Katey: My dad is the greatest dad in the universe!
Jacob: My dad is Wonder World!!!
*end of conversation*

p.s.  I’m not sure about Wonder World, but this is what Super Dad looks like:


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  1. Loved reading about the kids comments and seeing Super Dad!

  2. aw, good pictures of Jim Bob! (& meri)

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