Documented: the Month of Love

While I’m finishing up series – here’s the continuation of the month of love:  week 1.  You ready to feel the love?

During a lesson at church we were challenged to show love everyday for the whole month leading up to Valentine’s Day. Simple or grand, well thought out or spontaneous – show love. The other aspect was to share child-like love – whole-hearted. Cute notes on pillows, weed bouquets, prayers, hugs and big kisses… a whole month of love.

Our second week:
* shared Meri photos on Facebook w/ family and friends
* bathed and snuggled baby
* Pinewood Derby! – Jacob & Josh both rocking it – and cheering each other on 🙂
* read LOTS of books to K&C
* wished Happy Birthday to brother, mother & sister (it’s a good month! 🙂 )
* baked cookies for family and Jacob’s classroom store
* cleaned girls’ room – beauty!

{supplies here}

Third week:

* snuggled and tickled
* visited “Grandpa and Grandma Missionary”
* Pizza Friday night (first time since the baby was born)
* read Little Britches
* took black beans for a “Cafe Rio” style lunch with a group of ladies – love to me!
* made pomegranate muffins
* prayed for second cousin in the ER
* foot rubs for Daddy, Jacob and Caleb (they just lined right up! 😉 )
* volunteered to make Humanitarian Center newsletter
* JB made yummy breakfast on Saturday morning
* Autumn led story hour

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Week 4:

* took dinner (chili and heart shaped cinnamon rolls) to a family with a deployed daddy
* let JB sleep the whole night (baby did not 🙂 )
* made pumpkin pie for the boys (with their pumpkins grown by their aunt)
* helped neighbor clean her house for a son’s visit
* played chess with Jacob
* read Dickens & made notebooks to celebrate his birthday
* cake pops for secret snack in sack lunches
* friends day after hiatus & ham/pineapple pizza
* JB watch sick little ones during church (I took notes – Bro. Christensen’s talk on grace.)
* all pink load of laundry (with now 4 girls in the house…)

{supplies here}

My sweet friend Mandi pointed out that these are probably things that I do on a regular basis (most are…), but that doing them with intention gives the actions more meaning.  It’s true.  I’m thankful for this project for that reason.  And for the fact that I would probably never have taken a photo of our laundry otherwise…

Greeting card or framed print? Hard to decide…

Caleb has fully discovered his pockets and all the treasures he can keep in them.

{supply list here} class goodness

Just a quick post to let you know there is a deal right now for Jessica Sprague’s beginning classes.  I *adore* her teaching style and have learned so much from her classes.  One of my favorite things are the little shortcuts she mentions off hand that save me time.  I also love her humor and years of knowledge she freely shares.

Here are the two classes you can take with the groupon (there are plenty others on her site if you’re looking for more advanced or different type of class):

Photo Editing:  Good to Great

Up & Running With Photoshop – Beginning Digital Scrapbooking

If you click on the links – or photos – above it will take you to the class description.  I love that the classes are self-paced and never expire – the videos can be viewed forever.  They are always sitting there waiting for you to watch and review.

With the groupon (which can be captured in the next couple days), the classes are $20 each (usually $49) or both for $35.  Amazingly good deal.  The classes can also be given as gifts.  Enjoy!

Love Stories, con.

Dear you,

Here are four love stories from the files (photos from a few years back) and one recent one.

{credits:  here}

Evidence of a perfect day.

Fishing lessons from daddy. Nachos on the shore. Mini-adventures for all – exploring and discovering. Snuggles and photography for mama. The perfect day? For us – yes! Case closed.

{credits: here}

Drewby was so concerned when he would wake up and his favorite car was on the floor. He knew he had gone to sleep holding it! Here’s his solution – a little kite string and a lot of winding – silly guy. We did not let him sleep like this – just took a whole bunch of photos and then carefully unwound.

{credits:  here}

Decorated bag, cute love notes, and a “sugary snack”. Lunch essentials. 🙂

{credits:  here}

Perfect for me.  My sweet 3-year-old LOVES her baby sister. I hear her whispering and talking to her all the time. This phrase is one of my favorites – “You are the perfect sister for me.” *sigh* Recording this moment so she can remember what it’s all about.

{credits:  here}

“Daddy, graham crackers and a book… simple joys are truly the best.” Okay – that’s what I wished I put on there – left off the truly part, but we can pretend. 🙂  Also lovin’ on my hunny – who later told me that he tried to angle the Baby Haiku book just right while I was snapping photos – he wanted that light on her face.  love.

Did you find a heart on each layout?  The lunch one is a teeny bit tricky.  <3

Hope your day is a perfectly snuggly one.

Much love, Becky

Happy 12 years…

to the one who makes me laugh, cry and love with my whole heart…

Happy Anniversary Mister!

{credits here}

Merry Christmas Blessings

Our family’s Christmas card this year:

Sorry it took a little while to get it over here.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas this year and are still celebrating in the afterglow.  🙂

Much love from us!

{credits here}

Holiday Memories…a gift…

Yesterday was the beginning of this free class offered by Jessica.  I remembered to pin it to Pinterest and totally forgot about shouting out the happiness over here.  Thankfully, you can still sign up:

In Jessica’s words:

“Every year, I take the opportunity to give back to the community by offering a free class. Not only does it give you a chance to make a cute project and record some special holiday memories, but it will also give you a chance to take a look inside the online class environment available in ALL of the classes here at

In our class, we’ll be using cardstock and digital patterned paper to create a stunning, but EASY and REPEATABLE garland you can hang from your ceiling, drape around your tree, or hang on the wall. Each year as you create December memories, you can create a new garland. Even the storage box is a keepsake!

In addition to our amazing project, our week-long class will be filled with ideas to make your holiday memory making, and memory-keeping a little brighter and a little more fun!”

Go here to register and join in on this merry-making.  🙂  I *love* the memories/photo aspect along with the beauty of the holiday crafting.  Merry-making and memory-keeping.

More happy news over at

To read more about the specifics of the sale go here.  I love that the classes are on sale too – the one I am most looking forward to (that starts on January 9th) is the Digital Art Journaling class.  A creative, introspective format… I’m going to love it.

Peekin’ Peepers

This is my lovely sister.  How I adore her!  Here is one of my very favorite photos from the photo shoot we did.

I saw a similar pose on Pinterest and knew I wanted to try it out -hoping to get a good shot of her peepers.  I think we did pretty good.  🙂

A CD of photos – senior photoshoot and graduation.  All in one place.

This hybrid project of CD label and case by Carina is easy to make – and so versatile.  It can be used for CDs full of photos, an adorable circle card and envelope, organizing family DVDs, a very thin cookie… oh the possibilities.

{Carina Gardner:  Hybrid Project Friday No. 5,  Daisy Jane borders & papers (solids and v. 6 – Bath Time), Ink blots from DESIGN 365 – Color Kit 1, frame by Rhonna Farrer}

Little reminders

*deep breath* & *sigh*

I think the real gift here are all the quotes.

Card reads “There is more to life than increasing its speed – Gandhi”

(Featured in this talk – “Of Things That Matter Most” by President Uchtorf – love it.  And love that General Conference is so soon – about a month now!!  🙂 )

Quotes are also written on the ticket tags:
“For fast-acting relief try slowing down.” Lily Tomlin
“He enjoys true leisure who has time to improve his soul’s estate.” Henry David Thoreau
“Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop.” Ovid

{Card and tags made with Le Petite Paperie Provence Papers and Tickets by Carina Gardner, card template from Card Couture vol. 2, by iKari designs}

Natural lovin’

My brother Bob’s family gave us this small herbal salve, ointment and essential oil set for part of our Christmas present last year. He and his amazing wife Amanda have been learning how to make many of them. Although it was fun to have my brother’s handwriting on bright neon sticky labels on the containers above, I decided it was time to truly let this beauties shine by making a bit fancier labels. 🙂

{Used labels from:  Meet and Greet Elements Pack by In the Making design:

I adore these!!  Used them for a few projects now:  herehere.  😉 ;  fonts on herbal remedy labels: American Typewriter & Marcelle Script}

Most of the herbal remedies have become staples in our home – especially the BF&C (bone,flesh and cartilage) salve.   Starts out as this, but they made it into a salve for all the bumps and bruises around these parts.  Such a fast-working, relief-giving wonder.

I would love to spend some more time on this site and take the Family Herbalist Course someday.  It sounds fascinating.

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