Love Stories, con.

Dear you,

Here are four love stories from the files (photos from a few years back) and one recent one.

{credits:  here}

Evidence of a perfect day.

Fishing lessons from daddy. Nachos on the shore. Mini-adventures for all – exploring and discovering. Snuggles and photography for mama. The perfect day? For us – yes! Case closed.

{credits: here}

Drewby was so concerned when he would wake up and his favorite car was on the floor. He knew he had gone to sleep holding it! Here’s his solution – a little kite string and a lot of winding – silly guy. We did not let him sleep like this – just took a whole bunch of photos and then carefully unwound.

{credits:  here}

Decorated bag, cute love notes, and a “sugary snack”. Lunch essentials. 🙂

{credits:  here}

Perfect for me.  My sweet 3-year-old LOVES her baby sister. I hear her whispering and talking to her all the time. This phrase is one of my favorites – “You are the perfect sister for me.” *sigh* Recording this moment so she can remember what it’s all about.

{credits:  here}

“Daddy, graham crackers and a book… simple joys are truly the best.” Okay – that’s what I wished I put on there – left off the truly part, but we can pretend. 🙂  Also lovin’ on my hunny – who later told me that he tried to angle the Baby Haiku book just right while I was snapping photos – he wanted that light on her face.  love.

Did you find a heart on each layout?  The lunch one is a teeny bit tricky.  <3

Hope your day is a perfectly snuggly one.

Much love, Becky

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