Love Stories…

A few stories I don’t want to forget.  🙂  I love the words+photos process for that.  The +colors+polka dots+digital paint+toothpick flags… that would be for me.  The little heart(s) “hidden” on each layout I do… that’s for all of us.

My silly little one. One morning she came running into our bedroom, hopped on the bed and announced “I am going to juggle oranges!” Her daddy helped her and there were many smiles and giggles.
Epilogue: The next day, Katey threw a party for one of her oranges.


My summertime entrepreneurs. 🙂

Heard from the window:
“Dirt for sale. Great for growing flowers. Only 50 cents! Dirt here. Dirt for saaaaaaale!”


Crafting with my little ones… a real treat

These fun little beauties can be adapted for any age or occasion.

Our little ones got in on the fun as well.  Here’s Jacob starting out:

Some treat trying from Momma’s jars:

I love little chubby fingers wiggling and prying.

Jacob still at it… making a very fancy dispenser.

Some containers by the others.  Katey’s is my personal favorite – you cannot beat the accessibility of a cup.  😉

And the final product:

A triple-decker lock – takes a lot of twisting, but very secure.

For now, I have babies on the brain and my choice of treats reflects that.  🙂  The almonds are to keep nearby – when I need a little extra protein. And sometimes nothing settles my sickiness like a sour candy.  The plan is to keep these on my headboard.  We’ll see how many times I need to refill them.  😉

With babies we always wait to find out if we are having a boy or a girl.  I really enjoy it that way.  Of course I don’t know any different – but it works for us.  Jim Bob is the one that wanted to wait on our firstborn and I knew there was no way I could know without sharing.  I really enjoyed it and now I’m the one that insists and he could go either way.  🙂  I made one treat jar for each gender.  The scenes and decorations on the dispensers are from Echo Park:  Little Boy Paper PackLittle Boy Element PackLittle Girl Paper PackLittle Girl Element Pack.

I used two projects I’ve been wanting to try out:  Candy Dispensers by Heidi SwappJar Scenes by Rhonna Farrer.  I had a few adaptions.  I used a little larger plastic cup for the top – 16 ounces (also available at WalMart).  I also could not find my glue gun anywhere, so I used double-sided sticky square adhesive things (sorry – no name on those??) that I had from another project.

I also bent o-wires from my bind-it-all to make the places to stick the decorations to.  Then floral wire and sparkly clear embroidery floss for hanging clouds and airplanes from the top of jars.  🙂  Lace and pipe cleaners became the decor for the bottom part of the jars.  Now that I type it all out I wish I had taken photos along the way to better describe – sorry!  Some of these details are easier to see in the photos below.

A fun activity with a lasting use.  I loved all the creative ideas kicked around as we played together.  I can see variations on this theme popping up for years.  🙂


a little announcement…

This one deserves a post all it’s own. 🙂

Yup, it’s a baby announcement.  And… it’s for our family.  :)!

Photo inspired by the adorable print here.

{Credits:  Meet & Greet Elements Pack by In the Making Design“You are awesome” mini kit by Splendid Fiins (thought bubble – recolored), font: American Typewriter, “Just Love” and “Peace Man” actions on photo by Sarah Cornish, (}


Speaking of celebrations, here are a few more from the merry merry month of May.

First off (although it’s the end of the month 😉 ) – Mom Pipes’ birthday.  She is one of my favorite people in the whole world.  She is always showing us the most amazing home decor items that she got for a deal. For her birthday I made her this “Treasure Finding Queen” card.

We slipped some money in there for her to use on her next excursion.

{For card credits, go here.}

Also in May:  Liz’s graduation.  The youngest in the family and one of the sweetest!  We had so much fun on this photoshoot – just her and me running around town, trying to get as many photos as the evening light would permit.  We both even scouted out the same green truck on the edge of town before hand (we’re a little similar 😉 ).  Later I had a lot of fun making her announcement too:

{credits:  background from Mouse Paper Scissors:Mom class by Jessica Sprague and Heidi Swapp, photostrip, stamps and chalkboard label from House of 3}

Feliz Fiesta!

{For credits, go here.}

This banner would have been perfect for Cinco de Mayo – if it was done in time.  Sometimes the food is a priority.  😉  The banner makes for a fabulous party decoration anytime though.  I was going for a colorful after-a-pinata-burst look.  *Fiesta!*

We celebrated the day by having yummy Cafe Rio style salads:

…and playing outside for hours with Jim Bob’s brother John.

There was lots of frisbee and then a new game broke out.  It started with one little one in a hollow construction tube:

Drewby started looking for a friend:

And along came Uncle John:

Soon there was a whole lotta people (5 in this photo) rolling around:

Times like that just make me smile.

So does this photo.  Partly because of the large apron-bib.  Partly the smile behind the binky.  The tight grip on the sippy cup… it all contributes.

Such a fun, laughter-filled playing time.

Later Jim Bob and John started their own fun.


Jim Bob called it “a new take on the classic log rolling sport of lumberjacks… with less water and more kids inside the log.”  Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.  🙂

You can even play frisbee at the same time… if you’re coordinated.

John got a lesson, Katey got snuggles and the neighbor got a wave…

We’re thankful John lives so close and could come visit – mid-week even.  He came to dinner and said the blessing on the food in Spanish.  John served his mission in Mexico and said where he served – they hardly celebrated Cinco de Mayo at all.  I found that kinda interesting… and sad.  I always imagined huge, noisy, yummily-scented celebrations.  I don’t understand all the social significance – it would make for some interesting research.  For me, Cinco de Mayo is a time to celebrate Mexican culture, most especially the food… and sometimes a pinata.

These were in the plans, but will have to be made for another time.  My ideas always outshine the time available.  We settled for fiesta Starburst instead, which were quite yummy and were thankfully on hand for such an occasion.  It’s not my favorite to change plans at the end, but our children are so good to adjust.  Plus if I was hurriedly trying to make mini pinatas, I would have missed out on the fun activities above.  How sad would that have been?  🙂  I’m learning.

Perhaps someday now that I have the banner made we can make miniature pinatas and have another fiesta.  That would be a fun activity to do together.  Feliz Tres de Septiembre?  Sounds good to me.  😉

Ready for s’more?

I have quite a few photos of projects I haven’t posted… and many fun stories and details behind them.  This week will be a sharing extravaganza.  Are you sitting on the edge of your seat?  Oh, good.  😉  First up we have an invitation to a birthday party:

{Invitation made with Cosmo Cricket’s Mr. Campy Journal StackMr. Campy Elements – one of my favorite lines ever.}

Not just any birthday party… Joshua’s 8th birthday.  We won’t talk about his actual birthday date – this party happened much later.  It didn’t even happen on the date of the invitation.  (Thankful for perfect matching masking tape  🙂 ).  Joshua wanted an outdoor birthday party badly, but this last spring has been our wettest that I can remember.  We postponed it until the beginning of May and found a day that the weather was to be perfect.  No rain or snow.  Jim Bob wouldn’t get home until half-way through the party so he got the fire all ready to light – what a blessing.  We did get it lit:

and it even burned for a short time.  Sadly, we had a large wind storm blow through.  I believe two boys got to roast dogs before the smoke was too bad and the fire was not cooperating.  I tried to light the grill to cook the dogs, but the wind was incredibly too strong.  Thankfully hot dogs and s’mores can be cooked indoors as well.  One of the boys there mentioned that his family cooks them right on the racks in the oven.  We tried it out (I personally do not like boiled or microwaved hot dogs) and it worked pretty well:

Joshua had a grand time.  While I made the s’mores Joshua opened presents and his daddy took photos.  I love these captures.

And although I didn’t get any photos of the s’mores (it was a little busy!) – the wind finished blowing through and I was left with gorgeous lighting outside.  I was able to take a few after-dessert photos of the birthday boy’s little brother.  This being one of my favorites:

– look at those eyes and messy mug.  Pure delight.

Happy Birthday Joshua – how we love you!

Welcome to Stop #13…

and I’m elated to have you join me.  Welcome on your journey – from the lovely, crafty Antonia’s blog.

{Link no longer available.  It has been disabled because the blog hop is now done.  🙂  You can still purchase the mini kits in Jessica Sprague’s store.  Bags made with the designer’s 4ever bloghop kits:  label from Carina’s mini kit,  polaroid frame, banner and rick-rack heart from mini kit by Splendid Fiins, glitter splats from JS admin team and Heidi Swapp mini kit, star story stick made with 4ever mini kit by the Queen of Quirk.  Paper strips on prizes below from above kits, as well as In the Making mini kit and Live Design’s mini kit.}

The labels can be used in digital or hybrid scrapping.  A very 4th of July one and another for other occasions as well.

We love the 4th of July around here – here’s the blog post from last year if you would like to see what our small-town celebration looks like.  We love having popcorn on the 4th – sometimes buttery – sometimes carmely, sometimes in the afternoon – sometimes during fireworks.  I like it all.  I thought it would be a great deal of fun to dress the popcorn bags up this year and put in prizes a la Cracker Jack.  I hope you enjoy them too!

Here’s a close-up of the popcorn bags:

The labels can be printed directly onto paper bags – a little tricky, but I found great directions here, or they can be printed as labels and adhered to the paper bags.

And a photo of the prizes that can be found inside:

The prizes are packaged with the adorable papers included in the bloghop from the JS designers.  A cute idea I got from sugarbsupplies where I bought the glassine envelopes.  I used them partly because glassine is resistant to water and grease.  Also because in my research I found out glassine is used to package fireworks.  Perfect!  And Zotz are included in my prize packages – a fun, fizzy candy that screams fireworks and fun to me.  😉

Here’s the story stick “prize” {craft} included in the download:

These can be made ahead of time and slipped into the bags, or the supplies can be included and each person make their own (that’s my plan).  I used colored pencils for the base.  I glued the sharp point into the star part, but if you’re feeling brave (or have older celebrants) it would be neat to have the stick be writeable as well.  🙂

Here’s info about the story sticks (also included in the download):

Feel free to visit as long as you’d like, and when you’re ready –head on over to the beautiful, effervescent Brenda’s blog, stop #14.  🙂

PaRt-ay pRep…

For part of’s birthday there is a 47-stop blog hop full of birthday gifts… for you.  Definitely party time!  🙂  All details below:


Birthday Bogey

I adore my birthday.  Always have.  Yesterday was very busy and I didn’t get to post.  🙁  No bother, birthday bogeys are almost as fun.  It’s the day after ( bogey – a la golf terms)  I also have something for alliteration.  Both loves I share with my mom.

One of the best parts about a birthday is sharing.

Sharing birthday cake with my sweetheart Katey Belle.  And a big thank you to my lovely visiting teachers that brought me a “party” cake – rainbow chip.  And they brought it the day before.  Eating cake on my Birthday Eve felt so indulgent.

I also share a birthday with  How fun is that?

The site is turning FOUR!!!   To celebrate, they’re throwing a HUGE Birthday Bash & Summer Sale. From June 14-26, you can save 20% off of every self-paced class, and 35% off of ALL digital products. In addition, grab all 27 episodes of Jessica’s amazing Photoshop Friday tutorials for just $1 each before they’re retired on June 26.  As part of the celebration, starting on June 24, you can participate in an incredible 47-person blog hop, picking up a sweet digital freebie at each stop! (I’ll be one of those.  🙂 ) Best of all, on June 26 Jessica will be making a special announcement of a brand new class coming up in July. The site is only on sale two times a year, so don’t miss out on this GREAT savings opportunity! For all the info on the Summer Sale, Photoshop Fridays, blog hop, and the new class, just click here!

I personally adore the Photoshop Friday tutorials.  All the supplies to make one layout and a video tutorial teaching a Photoshop skill (or two).  I love the bite-size chunk of Jessica’s knowledge.  And at a dollar a piece it’s fun to collect lots of knowledge… and saved memories.  Beauty.  It looks like all the hybrid (paper+digital) tutorials are also on sale for a dollar.  Fun!

And my whole birthday month is shared with this:

{photo by Rick Egan, Salt Lake City Tribune – June 14, 2011}

The Mormon Miracle Pageant.  We had our last dress rehearsal on my birthday.  Performances are Thursday – Saturday of this week and Tuesday – Saturday of next.  Anyone (and everyone) is invited to come see it.  Our family is portraying a Nephite family this year (third year now!).  Can you find us above?  Jim Bob is wearing turquoise (and a sleeping Katey).  I am wearing red.  🙂  Our house is full-up this week with visitors, but next week is all open if anyone would like to spend the night.  🙂

And the invite straight from the pageant website that sums up the one and a half hour show:

“Share an evening under the stars with us, enjoying the beauty of the hills and the magnificence of the Manti Utah Temple while you watch this free historical drama.  …The pageant’s three intertwined stories–the restoration of the gospel, the witness of the Book of Mormon, and the journey of the faithful pioneers to the beautiful Sanpete Valley–demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ for all people.”

How we love the simple truths and beauty of the Pageant!

Invitation to Eternal Happiness…

Such exciting happenings going on around here… it’s hard to even find the time to post.  This is one of those buoyant, blissful, effervescent type of happenings.  We are so thrilled for Erin and Tyson.  We hope they are blessed with an eternity of happiness.  Later I found this wording on a wedding announcement…  “…dinner, dancing and eternity to follow.”  Love.

Thankful we were able to take photos and create the announcements… what fun!

We also created a book for guests to leave well wishes for the bride and groom at the receptions…

{Wedding announcement credits:  La Storia papers and Meet & Greet elements by In the Making design, Father Time Accent Pack by The Queen of Quirk; Well Wishes book credits:  Classic 12×12 album templates by Splendid Fiins, La Storia Paper Pack by In the Making Design}

And now that some engagement photos are posted I will hopefully get to the wedding ones soon.  🙂  I had the captivating opportunity to work with one of my favorite photographers (and people!), Lauri, to take Erin’s bridals and some couple photos to boot.  Too. Much. Fun.

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