Spotlight: {Jacob}

It’s Jacob’s birthday and time for his spotlight!! Perfect. Grandma (visiting): Jacob is very kind when we play chess. He is very kind when he beats me in chess. Daddy: One thing that I love about Jacob is that when I tease him he is starting to catch on. He is maturing enough to appreciate […]

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Spotlight: { Mommy }

Daddy: Meri what is something you love about your mommy? Meri: Rainbow ice cream! (whispered intensely) Daddy: Mommy feeds you rainbow ice cream? Meri: Yeah!!! (not whispered) Caleb: Orange slices. I mean I love she feeds me oranges. *Jacob raising hand* Daddy: Jacob we’re going youngest to oldest. Jacob: But everyone takes mine. Katey: I […]

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Spotlight: { Daddy }

Caleb: I love you Daddy. I love your tickles! Drewby: I like Dad because… um… um… Daddy: Is it so hard to think of something? Jacob: He’s trying to think from the eternity of possibilities. Drewby: I like Dad because he smiles a lot! Autumn: He is not a scowly dad! Josh is the only […]

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Thanksgiving morning our older kiddos went to grandma’s home to play with cousins. Meri stuck around to help me bake pies. She was such a sweet little helper. She loved putting her hands right in the pie crust and said it was “boingy”. Like a little trampoline she bounced a few of those crusts a few […]

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Spotlight: { Meri }

Katey: What I love about Meri Jane is that she is cute and so playful! Drewby: I love Meri because she laughs a lot. Caleb: What? Daddy: What do you love about Meri? Caleb: Her kisses and her hugs. She hugs like this. And sometimes she falls down and gets hurt. One time we put […]

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The Yum

Sometimes I get a little conceited about the lunches I pack… I think the note worked – Drewby came home today and said it was his best lunch ever!!

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Armpit Fudge

The recipe from Scout Round Table last week: I knew as soon as I saw it that not only would my 8 & 9-year-old scouts love this, but my little ones too. I was sooo right. Fun, easy, yummy and a little bit gross.  Enjoy! p.s. You can totally just squish it up with your hands […]

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Painting Piggies

Katey decided it was about time to have her nails painted and took it upon herself. Toes: Fingers: Then she sat in front of the small box fan to dry them. When I came back a short while later I found her like this: Just gone. Nothing better on a late summer afternoon. {August 22, […]

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Spotlight: {Caleb}

Daddy: You ready? Please be thinking of something you love about Caleb. I will start! I love Caleb… Caleb: I love Dad because he eats hot dogs so fast. Daddy: Caleb, I love it when you help Meri and give her treats. When you share with her and help her do something that she needs […]

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Sleepy One

One of those sweet little memories I don’t want to forget. Jim Bob took the photos and wrote the notes: “Today Meri came home from church exhausted. She couldn’t even last through a short movie and crashed in the chair.” “Caleb came along and plopped down next to her, apparently oblivious as her sleeping body […]

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