Miss Katey


This creative chica keeps me smiling. Here she is showing off her new hair accessory from my cousin and good friend Veralyn.   She decided that her outfit was simply not fancy enough to go with it – so she added a skirt she made out of a napkin. 😉 Later that day she decided it […]

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Spotlight: Joshua


Dad: Tonight we honor Joshua. Andrew: For being Joshua. Josh: Give me highly expensive gifts! Jacob: How about a post on Mom’s blog? That’s highly expensive in love. Katey: We’re just talking about Josh? Josh: Just me! Meri: You have no fuzzies in your toes Mom! Andrew: I like that Josh likes to play on […]

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Paisley Roots and Butterfly Wings


We are the happy owners of our *first* Paisley Roots​ creation!! 😀 We’re a little enamored. Meri and I both *adore* it! <3 I was definitely not the only excited one: Those colors – I swoon. Meri says the shirt is “windproof” too! 😉 I love the fabric – print and stretchy feel. It’s delightful […]

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Have patience, sir


“Waiting can be hard. Children know it, and so do adults. We live in a world offering fast food, instant messaging, on-demand movies, and immediate answers to the most trivial or profound questions. We don’t like to wait.” We’ve been learning about patience in our family – like studying it. We read those words from […]

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Yesterday was a porch-swing, juice-box, sticker-book kind of day! <3

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Why, Hi There.


Hyrum discovered a new friend this morning! It started on the bed with a peek: He then scootched over the edge – ever so carefully… to get a closer look. One of the best friends you can have in this life buddy!

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My favorite accessory


Hyrum and Mom… I’m the one with the sword, shield and ROCKET BOOTS!!! Hyrum is peeking out from my back. Caleb’s latest artwork… and perhaps my favorite.

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Winter Storage


Where we store our boat for the winter: Photo taken the beginning of February. It’s about time to bring her out again.

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Spotlight: {Jacob}

It’s Jacob’s birthday and time for his spotlight!! Perfect. Grandma (visiting): Jacob is very kind when we play chess. He is very kind when he beats me in chess. Daddy: One thing that I love about Jacob is that when I tease him he is starting to catch on. He is maturing enough to appreciate […]

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Spotlight: { Mommy }

Daddy: Meri what is something you love about your mommy? Meri: Rainbow ice cream! (whispered intensely) Daddy: Mommy feeds you rainbow ice cream? Meri: Yeah!!! (not whispered) Caleb: Orange slices. I mean I love she feeds me oranges. *Jacob raising hand* Daddy: Jacob we’re going youngest to oldest. Jacob: But everyone takes mine. Katey: I […]

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