Sleepy One

One of those sweet little memories I don’t want to forget.

Jim Bob took the photos and wrote the notes:

“Today Meri came home from church exhausted. She couldn’t even last through a short movie and crashed in the chair.”


“Caleb came along and plopped down next to her, apparently oblivious as her sleeping body flopped over onto him. She never made a sound.”


Such a cute little sibling moment and a testament of how Meri lives her life – full on no matter what she does. Including Nursery: coloring, singing time and sliding all. No wonder she’s worn out each week!

p.s. Looking at these photos I realized that Meri had her binky back then. She was so sleepy it was popped though. These photos were taken Sept.22nd. A little over a month ago and she’s been long done with the bink. She bit a hole in it, was so sad it was “broken” and threw it away. Asked about it a couple times, but never fully broke down or mourned the loss – just moved on. She has definitely been the easiest to transition on that one.

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