Night Photography

Jim Bob and I spent some time this summer playing with night photography. Jim Bob more with the stars, fireworks and lights – me with the moon and an occasional flashlight. 😉 So much fun to experiment in low light and try a few times to get the image in our minds. It helped that we […]

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  psst… He loves you too! 🙂

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A little storyboard for you…

A close-up of the photos:    How Meri loves her swing, her daddy & both combined!! So. Many. Giggles!

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Smiley Sammies

We *love* making open face sandwiches in our family. One peanut-buttered up piece of bread and random toppings ready to be made into edible creations. I’ll have to dig up other photos of coconut hair, s’more toppings, and flavor combinations at their best. This time though just involved carrots. Katey and Caleb’s idea of a […]

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Skyline & Sunshine

A year ago August I performed with a group of musicians at the Assisted Living Center in a town nearby. Such a wonderful audience! It was right before dinner and they were a delightful, engaged audience, willing to participate during the group numbers and so gracious. My friend Cindy and I performed a duet by […]

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Mission Complete

Although I’m working on my perfectionistic traits, 16 out of 24 is not bad. In fact, ought to be celebrated! 🙂 Especially considering the 24 hours also included a Pioneer music celebration practice, Jim Bob receiving a new calling, and getting to help at the school for 4 hours with the Bookmobile. Phew! 😉 A […]

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Usborne Challenge – Bring It :)

I have accepted a challenge to book 24 Usborne book shows in 24 hours.  Crazy? Yes!!! Traditional home shows and *live* Facebook events both count. 🙂 Set a date to treat yourself to Usborne’s hostess program and you’ll be entered to win a $100 shopping spree with Usborne (in addition to the usual hostess benefits). […]

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Road Par-tay!

For the next several posts I will be sharing photos from our family reunion at the beginning of August. Someone once told my mom that they wished they were a Gedeborg for a week. If you were going to pick a week – this is it! Road Trip on the way to the family reunion. After […]

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My choice…

warn Jim Bob about Meri’s artistic abilities or let him discover on his own. Thankfully it was a washable marker. Thankfully Meri was washable too. I went with my third option… cleaned the computer & the girl and saved the photos to show my man.

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1001 Words #7

Carefree 1001 Words is a fun little series where I post one photo + one word.

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