Stars Aligning {May 9-15}

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The Mother Daughter Tea was a delight! Brynlee stayed the day with us and got to attend as well. We read Stargirl together before going and the book was fresh on their minds for the discussion.


The girls especially enjoyed the treats and put together a plate to take to Jim Bob as well. Chocolates from Candies on Main, deviled eggs, Black Forest cake and a variety of sandwiches were all hits!


Meri loved that the little glass trays had “cupcake holders” and her teacup sat elsewhere. 😉

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At the end, after the girls helped clean up, they let them take home extra chocolates and mints. Brynlee found a handy pocket in the bow on her dress. 😉



A fun week of Stars aligning as we went out on a movie date that weekend. 🙂

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  1. Emily Adams says:

    Looking forward to your TLC special and guest designer line at Target 😉

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