A request…

Caleb presented me with these flowers last Sunday while we were up in Cataldo.


He was fascinated with all the pretty flowers growing right by the house.

He said “I picked them for you because I LOOOOOVE you.

Can I sit by you at church?”




Caleb loves to “help” garden. He also loves the dirt pile nearby calling for bare feet to come play.


motion-2 motion-3 motion-4

ISO 800,  f 8.0,  1/640th

Nothing inspires motion to a three-year-old like a dirt pile. When he first started he asked me to take photos as he ran down the hill three times. Now I’m kinda wishing I had taken video one of those times – his happy squeals are contagious.

Photos of the garden coming soon – thankful my camera was out snapping photos of watermelon and was nearby to capture this mister.


In Bloom

Katey brought me a whole cup of dandelions the middle of last month and told me if I watched closely they would bloom into wishing flowers. This week it happened.

 A little evening glow and Jim Bob blowing wishing fluff off his hand in the background make the photo even more magical.
Makes me ponder …  what weeds in my life given enough time will transform into beauty/wonder/usefulness?

1001 Words #5




{aperture: f/5.0, ISO 3200, shutter speed: 1/100th, 85mm on 28-135 mm lens}

1001 Words is a fun little series where I post one photo + one word.

1001 Words #4




{aperture: f/4.5, ISO 200, shutter speed: 1/25, 53mm on 28-135 mm lens}

1001 Words is a fun little series where I post one photo + one word.

Secret Ingredient

Love these sisterly fun times, so I’m capturing and preserving them.

Autumn & Katey made “strawberry jam” together. They combined raspberry & strawberry yogurts, frosted sugar cookie pudding, lemon juice, fresh strawberries & a “secret ingredient”. They had so much fun & claimed  it was super yummy.

My favorite part? The cute ribbon packaging.


Such fun, silly girls:

Jam mustaches:

That secret ingredient?  Raisins.

And perhaps a little sisterly love.


Olympic Gold

Meet my amazing, sweet, beautiful, giggly, new mama, fun-lovin’ sister Christina:

She’s on the right. 😉

Recently we went on a road trip/family reunion together.  It was pure gold.  I loved having her riding shot gun and we talked and talked and talked for a few days.  Loved it.  On our last day together we visited our hometown and took some sister photos by the train station.  We might have been excited about the Olympics coming up and our photo shoot shifted.

Synchronized swimming anyone?  We need more people on our team.

Shot put is one of my favorites.  Christina – well, she’s a good sport.

Did you see Reese Hoffa win the bronze last night? Ah-mazing!

I find it interesting to hear what people say/yell/grunt when throwing.  What would you scream?  For me it’s a toss up between plum and sprinkle. 😉

If there was an event for dancing – we would so tie for gold and share that podium.

Perhaps in the future – doesn’t hurt to dream big.  And these moves aren’t going anywhere.

What we do for R & R – M&Ms photo shoot

Caleb and I headed out to the treehouse for some fun self-portraits – timer style.

When asked what he wanted to do for the next photo he said – “Eat candy!”  {He has the best ideas.}

So we did.

Thankfully I had a sharing-size bag of M&Ms waiting from my birthday (Thank you PTA.  😉 )

He wasn’t too sure about the sharing part.

We finally figured it out though.

One for me:

Eight for him:


Further proof of smiles that come when sharing that melt-in-your-mouth goodness:

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