Story Stones


Love the idea of these!  This is my first set – all about schooling and exploring.  Inspired by story stones over at red bird crafts.

Turn over one random stone at a time to make “mystery stories”.

Place in a row to make a story.  What’s happening here?

Take turns selecting stones and telling the next part of the story.

Use to prompt memories for family history storytelling and capturing.

So many possibilities. Even more ideas here.

Now, what for my next set?  Fairytales? Carnival? Recipes? Wouldn’t it be fun to make a music note set?  Draw a staff in the dirt and write a song with stones.

If you see someone gathering rocks everywhere they go – that would be me.

Please say hi.  🙂

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  1. I loved this idea when you pinned it. I thought, “I am totally going to make those for a project this month.” Then I thought, “I’ll bet Becky is going to make those for a project this month… dang.” They sure are cute though!

    ps. I still might make some…


  1. […] world wide web. I was first introduced here, and then found this version that I quite like as well. Here Becky made this back to school version and does a great job of explaining the story […]

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