Exhibit A


Part of our Thanksgiving feast…

Evidence of a blessed life cards ready to be filled out – thanks to Nisa for the fun-loving designs that only took slight adapting.

I just left a basket of cards nearby (journaling cards on one side and notes/frames on the other). Any family that wanted to fill one out could write/draw pictures and then clip it on the ring.

Made a file folder cover with my little guy and evidence all over his sweet mug.  And just like that… this little album is ready to be loved and enjoyed often. One fun way to count those blessings. 🙂

{credits:  Splendid Fiins:  Evidence-notes and framesEvidence-journaling cards, also: file folder, tag, clip ring, walnut ink, font: Artistamp Medium and my handwriting}

This little book is from last Thanksgiving.  I realized I never shared it here… it was sure fun to take a peek at again this year.  Handwriting and artistic skills have advanced a little, but it’s wonderful to see that many of our blessings counted are the exact same.

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  1. Such an incredible idea. It will be so much fun to look at that as the kiddos get older. Good job you!

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