Drewby Love Stories


Sugar lips and fingers at 2 years old were common. Andrew was into everything.  Sticky sweetness all wrapped up and topped with a grin. At 6 years old he is even sweeter – but it’s his personality that is now the {icing on the cake}.

As direct proof – here’s one more Drewby love story:


Drewby asked to help make sandwiches for lunch. His first time and he did great – with a little help from his younger siblings. Come to find out – they were J & J sandwiches. Apricot and strawberry jam – tasty!

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  1. Looks like Drewby and Davy would get along well!

  2. Good call using the wood veneer on the other photo spaces in the jam spread – at first I thought it was your table – I like the way it ties it all together. And… I would love some jam + bread… ;). And I totally thought that was bubbles on his hands and face. It’s awesome!

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