Baked Potato Chips


I know the real name is Hasselback potatoes – but these are called baked potato chips around this home.

It’s amazing how much quicker they get gobbled up compared to regular baked potatoes.  Just a few nights ago I announced it was dinner time to which I got the classic “What are we eating?” I slipped and said “baked potatoes” – groans all around. And then I remembered – “Oh – I mean Baked Potato Chips!” Instant eruption of cheers. Amazing.

Simply slice the potatoes 3/4 of the way down. Rub/brush on olive oil/melted butter/the likes.  Or bake them up and place butter between the chips to melt.  Stand back as your children eat twice as many as regular baked potatoes.

Reminds me of a legendary family story.  When Jim Bob was young he did not like peas. Not in the least. But then his mom started making “meat peas” – those green ball vegetables were downright delicious! He loved “meat peas” for years before discovering they were the exact same veggie under a name-disguise.

I love my baked potato chips with Valentina and cottage cheese. This rosemary/garlic version looks delicious. And this one – Cinnamon Sugar Hasselback Sweet Potatoes with Oatmeal Cookie Crumble – you are on my list too.


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  1. mmmmm. looks yummy! We make a similar version at our house too. And Heber is the one who introduced me to cottage cheese with them. I used to just use sour cream….but I think he has converted me, even though i’ll still eat sour cream too!


  1. […] This is seriously the best way to eat leftovers of the baked potato chips. […]

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