Half and Half

This is seriously the best way to eat leftovers of the baked potato chips.


The potatoes are already a third of the way to being cubed.  😉

Brown sausage in a cast iron skillet.  Finish cutting the potatoes and throw into the sausage-y goodness.  Scramble eggs on the other half of your massive skillet – or use two. That works too. 🙂

Half potatoes/sausage:


Half scrambly eggs:


Fully delicious.


Enjoy! – Best eaten outdoors.


Seriously, this meal is something our whole family enjoys.  Meri (15 months old now!) is sitting on my lap helping me put the photos in the post and she keeps saying “yum, num, yum”. That may have something to do with the brownie remnants on her face.  😉 In my defense – she is pointing at the screen and diving for said photos.  She has learned a new word “Tate-toe”!  and I am fairly certain if she was given that plate the first thing that would make it’s way to her mouth would be the watermelon.

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