What we do for R & R – M&Ms photo shoot

Caleb and I headed out to the treehouse for some fun self-portraits – timer style.

When asked what he wanted to do for the next photo he said – “Eat candy!”  {He has the best ideas.}

So we did.

Thankfully I had a sharing-size bag of M&Ms waiting from my birthday (Thank you PTA.  😉 )

He wasn’t too sure about the sharing part.

We finally figured it out though.

One for me:

Eight for him:


Further proof of smiles that come when sharing that melt-in-your-mouth goodness:

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  1. What a cute idea. Do you have something on your camera that just takes a picture on regular intervals or did you have to stop and reset timer each time? I love that you are getting special mother/child pictures with each of your children.

    It’s raining! I hope you get some puddle jumping in.

    • Hi Becky! I use a timer on my camera that has a ten second countdown. There is also a mode to take a few shots in a row and the number of seconds between can be set. I had not even thought to use that one – and it would be good choice with my little man. Thanks for the idea!

      I rode my bike through the puddles after the last rainstorm and that was almost as much fun! 🙂

  2. precious. 🙂
    especially the M&M part.
    Becky, can we have a candy photo shoot?

  3. This is so sweet – love the candy share idea!

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