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I have quite a few photos of projects I haven’t posted… and many fun stories and details behind them.  This week will be a sharing extravaganza.  Are you sitting on the edge of your seat?  Oh, good.  😉  First up we have an invitation to a birthday party:

{Invitation made with Cosmo Cricket’s Mr. Campy Journal StackMr. Campy Elements – one of my favorite lines ever.}

Not just any birthday party… Joshua’s 8th birthday.  We won’t talk about his actual birthday date – this party happened much later.  It didn’t even happen on the date of the invitation.  (Thankful for perfect matching masking tape  🙂 ).  Joshua wanted an outdoor birthday party badly, but this last spring has been our wettest that I can remember.  We postponed it until the beginning of May and found a day that the weather was to be perfect.  No rain or snow.  Jim Bob wouldn’t get home until half-way through the party so he got the fire all ready to light – what a blessing.  We did get it lit:

and it even burned for a short time.  Sadly, we had a large wind storm blow through.  I believe two boys got to roast dogs before the smoke was too bad and the fire was not cooperating.  I tried to light the grill to cook the dogs, but the wind was incredibly too strong.  Thankfully hot dogs and s’mores can be cooked indoors as well.  One of the boys there mentioned that his family cooks them right on the racks in the oven.  We tried it out (I personally do not like boiled or microwaved hot dogs) and it worked pretty well:

Joshua had a grand time.  While I made the s’mores Joshua opened presents and his daddy took photos.  I love these captures.

And although I didn’t get any photos of the s’mores (it was a little busy!) – the wind finished blowing through and I was left with gorgeous lighting outside.  I was able to take a few after-dessert photos of the birthday boy’s little brother.  This being one of my favorites:

– look at those eyes and messy mug.  Pure delight.

Happy Birthday Joshua – how we love you!

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