Everyday Sparkle

Yesterday was a sparkly tights kind of day.


It may have also been a Birthday Cake Oreo kind of day…


Love those sprinkles!

Living the dream one day at a time.



Planning… and wishing… and hoping… and dreaming.  One book for each month this year.


Brown paper covers sewn with regular ol’ typing paper on the inside.  And a smattering of embellishments…


Smencils not required, but oh-so-fun.  {And they have Smalentines.  In mint chocolate chip, ch-ch-cherry, be mine, sweetheart and strawberry cream.  I swoon.}

Caption this…

There are times I wish I knew what Meri would say if she could talk…

{July 2012}

What she might be thinking…

{May 2012}

I do know what I was saying in the last photo.  Yuck!  But that’s just one of the risks you take with photography:

2 of my favorite circles…

p.s.  That is a Birthday Cake Oreo.  Sprinkles on the inside = happiness.  Happy 100th Birthday Oreo!  May you have many, many more.


Oh snap

I feel that there is a combination of talents in this world that are uniquely mine.  Ones that help define me as a person.  Three of those talents are:  pulling out splinters, tying water balloons and snapping green beans.

I don’t have the best technique when it comes to snapping beans.  This I know.  I also know that my grandma told me for years that I was good at snapping beans when I’d spend a week at her house in the fall harvesting and preserving.  I believed her.  Still do.  Perhaps that should also be included in my talent list.

Enliven the Soul

Favorite teaching moment from the sunbeams last week: I finished talking about noses and smelling and went on to tasting. I asked “what are our mouths for?” And sweet little Jacob F. said “Smiling!” 🙂

Here are the things we tasted as part of the lesson.  They loved them all.  Yes, all.  Mixed in the little cups was their very favorite.  😉

Second favorite moment? Madi drawing a mushroom with a big ol’ smile… and hair, when the prompt was to draw something they like to taste with their tastebuds.

Third? All of them crowded around the magnifying mirror to see said tastebuds. How I love those little sunbeams!

This scripture from the lesson makes my heart happy:

D&C 59:18 Yea, all things which come of the earth, in the season thereof, are made for the benefit and the use of man, both to please the eye and to gladden the heart;

19 Yea, for food and for raiment, for taste and for smell, to strengthen the body and to enliven the soul.

My sister Anna and I were talking earlier about how much we love food and think it’s our love language (only partly in jest).  I think the above scripture proves that one of Heavenly Father’s love languages must be food too.


Caleb has been here.

Want to know how I know?

It’s the purse.

He’s crazy about spiriting away his sister’s bike and her purse.  And filling said purse with all kinds of treasures.

My favorite to date:

And this is, apparently, the latest in how to carry a purse.

{The first in my playings with Sarah Cornish’s lightroom presets – this set is called Happenstance.}


Drewby Special

Two of our boys have a “special”.  It started years ago when Jacob decided a bean and cheese burrito was his special.  No salsa.  No sour cream.  Just the burrito.  Not to be left out Joshua chose jell-o.  Any flavor.  That way he could have lots of specials… well, we don’t have jell-o that often.  Which led to his request to have grilled cheese sandwiches and/or jell-o be his special.  Now whenever we have those foods they announce to the whole family it is their special.  It took a few years, but two weeks ago after church Andrew chose his:

A pancake.  Hollowed out in the middle and filled with strawberry jam.

Not just any strawberry jam.  Store-bought strawberry jam.  And then fresh homemade jam spread across the top.  He was very specific and super pleased.

Here’s to many more Drewby specials.

Riding along

While scrolling through pocket booth photos on Jim Bob’s phone I discovered this one:


Taken on July 11 of last year.

Notice the wildflowers in the basket? Those were from my hunny. I love our biking-near-fields dates. They are some of my very favorites.

It’s time to get my bike out and get riding again. Fun.

exercising with a three-year-old

It’s fun having an exercise buddy that doubles as a personal trainer. We’ve been doing a yoga/pilates routine lately, Katey and I.

Having a little one attempt reverse warrior, dolphin pose and cracking me up makes exercising at least seven fold more enjoyable.

“You can have a big piece of cake… after you exercise. It’s called exercise treats” she says.

Brilliant! Too bad the cake is pretend.

“It was fun doing that exercise. At least we’re done” she sighs.

My thoughts exactly.

{Photos to come – I believe my computer is overworked from the intense whining whirl of the fan. Time to rest us both.}

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