Adventures in Chocolate, con.

Maybe there should be a whole series?? 😉

In this post here I showed this fun lovin’ photo of bunnies from story hour at the library:

I love how with the same pieces the bunnies can look so different.  🙂

Now for the big reveal:

The “chocolate bunny” belongs to Katey.  She might love it a little:

And this one:

He is named “Grandfather Rabbit” and belongs to Andrew.  The mustache was drawn with some help by me.  Andrew started to and then decided it needed mommy help.  When I finished I realized I drew it upside down.  oops… oh well.  Maybe bunny mustaches grow that way.  😉

Caleb’s is the one all the way on the right.  The one with a monocle.  I’m sure that’s what he was thinking.

{Ruth – I loved reading your guesses and the logic behind them.  I bet if I had told you the names you would have gotten it for sure.  ;)}

For fun I grabbed three books from the stack we borrowed.  One that each of them picked out.  You would definitely want a monocle to read about monster trucks – especially the Spanish sections – that’s Caleb’s.  The dinosaur one picked out by Drewby (he can read it himself!) and the Lalaloopsy girls – that would be Katey’s selection.

Just to remember a little bit about what they loved at this point in time.  Love my readers.

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  1. Ruth Hansen says:

    Awww…love the bunnies and the books the kids picked out! What a fun way to remember what they liked. I especially like Ms. Katey Belle’s Chocolate Bunny pictures. Adorable! Love ya!

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