Adventures in chocolate

I just had to share a few more photos from the brownie-pocket experience.

And *thankfully* the pants came clean with just a little scrubbing.  Oh, that boy makes me laugh – I love the way his little brain ticks.  It would have been worth losing a pair of pants if need be.

Here’s a peek into our library story hour from a few weeks back:

See if you can guess which bunny belongs to each child:

Not the best photo – but taken the same day so I’m using it.  🙂  I’ll be back in a few days with the answer.

All the bunnies are adorable!  The one in the middle with all the brown squiggles – I was told it was chocolate.  A bunny covered in chocolate.  Brilliant.


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  1. Ruth Hansen says:

    Ok…I’m guessing stylin bunny number 1 with cute mustache is Caleb’s with help from Mom… : ) Bunny covered in chocolate sounds like a brilliant Drewby idea and bunny #3 is Katey Belle’s? Love you guys!

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