Drewby Special

Two of our boys have a “special”.  It started years ago when Jacob decided a bean and cheese burrito was his special.  No salsa.  No sour cream.  Just the burrito.  Not to be left out Joshua chose jell-o.  Any flavor.  That way he could have lots of specials… well, we don’t have jell-o that often.  Which led to his request to have grilled cheese sandwiches and/or jell-o be his special.  Now whenever we have those foods they announce to the whole family it is their special.  It took a few years, but two weeks ago after church Andrew chose his:

A pancake.  Hollowed out in the middle and filled with strawberry jam.

Not just any strawberry jam.  Store-bought strawberry jam.  And then fresh homemade jam spread across the top.  He was very specific and super pleased.

Here’s to many more Drewby specials.

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  1. Ruth Hansen says:

    I’m lovin the special. Maybe he should cook for the family reunion one of the nights in July. : )

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