Spotlight: {Katey Belle}

Autumn: I love Katey because she likes to play lots of games and she also likes to go to school a lot.

Meri: I funny! Funn-y! (bouncing on a ball quite excitedly)

Caleb: I love Katey because she plays board games and brushes her teeth.

Jacob: I love Katelyn because of her laugh. A high pitched squeal you can’t get out of your head.

Katey: One time I laughed at myself. At Grandma’s house because I went like this and sticked out my tongue and looked in the doorknob. Ahh, wahhah, ahhhh.

Daddy: Was it a shiny doorknob?

Katey: *head nod* Golden!

Daddy: By her kitchen?

Katey: *head nod*

Daddy: I thought so. That would be the perfect doorknob for that.

Joshua: What I love about Katey is her vocabulary because it is increasing every year.

Mommy: Joshua took mine.

Daddy: Caleb! He shoved his toothbrush up my nose – what a stinker. Caleb, put your toothbrush in your mouth.

Katey: Don’t do that! It has Daddy’s boogies on it.

Andrew: I love about Katey that she always has a big smile.

Joshua: Not when she’s crying.

Andrew: Well, not always.

Mommy: Katey does have a large vocabulary. 🙂 She is very articulate and can express herself well. She tells very detailed stories and with great facial expressions. She crafts the most beautiful things out of napkins and paper and tape and colored pencils. And when we ran out of tape she used stickers and made it work. Very resourceful, crafty and fun.

Autumn: What about toothpicks?

Mommy: Oh yes – and toothpicks.

Katey: And I invented gummy bear suckers!!

Daddy:  I love Katey Belle’s beautiful cascading curls.

We love our sparkly, soup-loving, story-reading, sweetheart of a princess.

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