Spotlight: {Drewby}

Daddy: One thing I love about Andrew is that he always has a smile for anyone he meets. Anybody he talks to usually

Meri:  DADDY! {She found a pretzel. Very exciting.}

Daddy: Usually gets a smile right away. Doesn’t matter if he’s just barely met them or if he’s known them forever. He’s as cheerful as they come and always friendly.

Jacob: I love that Andrew has such a sense of humor. He understands a lot of jokes that people his age might not understand. He’s pretty darn smart too.

Katey: I like him because he is kind and friendly. And funny! My leg hurts.

Daddy: Did you bump it?

Katey: No, it just hurts inside of my skin.

Daddy: Sorry sweetie.

Caleb: I love about Andrew coloring.

Daddy: You love his coloring?

Caleb: *Head nod.*

Autumn: I’ll go! I like Andrew because he likes to play a lot of games like Monopoly and Just Dance 3.

Josh: What I love about Andrew is that he is always willing to play dead if I ask him too.

Drewby: *flop – with tongue hanging out*

Mommy: Drewby is such a sweetheart. He cares how people are feeling and doing. He loves to talk with and engage with people. He asks questions and loves to hear and tell stories. He also eats like a horse and has a nearly bottomless pit in his belly.

Meri: Ball! MEOW! Mine.

We love our fun-loving, smile-inducing, junk-drawer-searching-treasure-finding mister Andy-roo!


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