Spotlight: { Autumn }

Caleb: I love about Autumn swinging on the rope!

Joshua: Thanks to Travis and Liz we have a couple new toys (broken swing with hanging ropes…)

Katey: Autumn plays with me!

Meri: *Squeal* – Someone is getting tickled.

Jacob: I like Autumn’s sense of humor. It’s on the goofball side.

Joshua: Is that Dad’s side or Mom’s side?

Jacob: She doesn’t have dark hair, so it’s gotta be the Pipes. However, I’m the most sarcastic.

Katey: Aim at Meri’s target – it’s her belly button!

Joshua: I love about Autumn that she is fun and always willing to play in the treehouse with me.

Katey: Actually, there is another thing! For what I love about Autumn is that we share a bed. A bunk bed. And… I like that her watch beeps and wakes her up.

Drewby: I love about Autumn is that we play outside a lot together.

Mommy: Autumn is creative and independent and good at following directions. She has a new art book that is so fun. She has made a mask and a cute card. She gathers the supplies and makes them all by herself – start to finish. That’s a good skill to have.

Caleb: You’re a nouget. (to Mommy… I’ll just take that as a compliment.)

Daddy: One thing that I love about Autumn is that she is always willing to help her brother or her sister if they need to go to the bathroom or get a drink at church. She is always willing to be a buddy with whomever she is assigned and she is always helpful with her brothers and sisters.

Meri: Bye! Slide! Autumn!


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