Quiet Game

We showed up late to church last summer and the chapel was filled. We had lots of cousins that wanted to sit by each other. The empty choir seats (up front!) were offered and we decided to give it a go.  I sat by Katey and told her we needed to be very quiet.  Later in the service she said she had a “quiet game” for me. She proceeded to whisper clues to me and I was to whisper back the animal she described.


{Later we took these photos to show her oh-so-adorable and animated faces.}

What has a long neck and eats leaves?


A giraffe!

What is small, eats cheese and lives in a hole?


A mouse!

What is big, swims, has lots of teeth and holds it’s breath under water?



A hippo!

What is orange, with a little bit of white on it’s tail, and eats long-earred bunnies?


I was stumped. This was when she leaned a little closer and said:

“Say fox!”


And then burst into giggles, making our little quiet game not so very quiet after all.

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