Contraptions Too…

First though… Meri’s autograph.  Drewby was pretty excited to get this! 😉


And now…


How to get a car started by Drewby:



1. Press the boxing glove button.
2. Boxing glove punches the matches down.
3. Push the chair flip back button.
4. Drop a match down the air tube.
5. It goes through the air tube and hits the lighter that starts the cannon.
6. The cannon shoots the keys into the key slot.
7. The key cuts a rope that drops a rock on the gas peddle.
8. The car starts moving.


How to turn your reading lamp on by Autumn:



1. Pull back lever on chair.
2. The toaster lever is pulled down.
3. Really old toast comes out.
4. Toast hits a light bowling ball.
5. The bowling ball falls onto a trampoline.
6. The ball bounces over you.
7. It hits another trampoline while it is cutting a rock off a rope.
8. The rock rolls and pushes a block over to a little space where the bowling ball is going to hit.
9. The bowling ball hits onto the block which has a little trampoline on top.
10. The ball hits the button and the lamp turns on.


My favorite by Drewby: Slingshot!

(no explanation necessary 😉 )




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