Spotlight: {Joshua}

Katey: I love Joshua because he lets me sleep during his spotlight. (Sounded suspiciously like Jacob’s voice.)

Jacob: I love Josh because…

Daddy: Because he lets me sleep through his spotlight…

Jacob: No! I love Josh because he has a very smart mind and disgusting, realistic sound effects.

Daddy: *singing* (serenading Meri and describing her actions.) I closed my eyes, drew back the curtain, ah-a-ah, and found a binky. Even though it’s not mine. Then I stomped on my sleeping sister to see if I could wake her… for my brother’s spotlight.

You can call me the lyrical gangsta.

(I promise – none of this is made up. 😉 )

Caleb: I love Joshua because he does the spotlight at nighttime. And I love Josh because he makes cookies.

Josh: I roll over him like a rolling pin and tickle him like I’m putting sprinkles on.

Caleb: And then he puts me in an oven and eats me! …and he makes burritos.

Me: What’s a burrito? (thinking it’s something like making cookies…)

Caleb: You know… things on a tortilla.

Andrew: I love Josh because he trades Legos with me.

Autumn: I have mine! And no one’s taken it!!! He reads stories to the girls when Mom and Dad are gone. Sometimes he makes up stories too.

Jacob: Tell them the height of your story-telling career.

Joshua: Foo-Foo the Bunny Rabbit with his magical death lazer. The good guy in the story is Professor Fluffernut and his invisibility cloak of epicness.

Daddy: I love Josh because he is one of the few people that is brave enough to tickle me back and it gives me a great reason to tickle him mercilessly.

Mommy: Joshua is so sweet to his little brothers and sisters. As his big brother is getting older and more involved in activities Joshua has stepped up to help with babysitting, a few extra chores and is my food sampler in the kitchen. Practically helpful in every way.

Meri affectionately calls him J.J., Joshua is such a good friend, has a big heart and a head full of ideas. Fun ones. So thankful to have this fun-lovin’ young man in our family!!

Lesson: Jacob’s award-winning essay and discussion
Treat: Surprise!
(in other words – thinking on whether we should bust out the ice cream or dig into the emergency stash of Dove chocolate)

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