Spotlight: {Jacob}

Jacob:  I hope it hasn’t been too hard for you to think about something good about me…

Andrew: I want to go first.

Daddy: Andrew is prepared with the opening salvo.

Daddy: Caleb! Stop throwing it in the air. Put in on the floor please. (purple frisbee dot thing)

Drewby: I like Jacob because he lets us play with his Legos.

Jacob: My private collection is awesome – with many specific pieces.

Caleb: I kinda broke my castle.

Daddy: Can you build it again? Jacob, are you reading over there?

Autumn: He is also a really great babysitter. And he’s very responsible. Responsible enough to stay up.

Josh: I like Jacob because he plays Pokemon cards. Pokemon cards rule!

Daddy: Joshua, close the book please.

Jacob: I like me because I am one with myself. I forgot the word that means multiple personalities… schizzlefriznick??

Daddy:  Schizzle reminds me of Scrubs. Fo’schizzle!

Jacob: Whenever I hear schizzle I think of bacon, because it sounds like sizzle.

Mommy: I love that Jacob is such a good learner. And he remembers things.  Last night he told us all about the fireside he went to. There were sound effects, and actions, and scripture stories… He even remembered the Stake President’s jokes and all the treat toppings.

Jacob: Well, that’s obvious. Even a kid with a bad memory would remember treat toppings.

Mommy: And Jacob shared all the information with us. I loved it.  He also applies the lessons he learns and that might be the best part of all. Such a wonderful young man.

Daddy: I love Jacob because he has brown hair. And I love Jacob’s finely tuned sense of humor and sarcasm.

Mommy: Josh put away the book. (a different one…)

Daddy: There is such a thing as too much reading!

Josh: No, there’s not.

Daddy: You’re right. There is a time when it’s inappropriate to read. This is one of those times.

Caleb: I love Jacob because he helps me make Lego things. Heh Heh. And he makes toys for meeeeee! and Katey too.

Katey: I’m trying to decide.  All I can think of is Legos.

Daddy: What does Jacob do that you like?

Katey: He plays with me. He plays for me too.

Jacob: With my clarinet.

Katey: Yep!!

We love our super handsome young man that is full of fun and so considerate of all of us. He has a special relationship with Meri. When he gets home from school each day she goes running to him squealing and saying “Jaaa-cob!” It was one of her first words and she adores him. We all do.

Lesson: Testimony Glove

Treat: Spring Popcorn

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  1. This is awesome. 🙂 It reminds me of us getting in trouble for reading at the dinner table. and then the book would go on top of the fridge. (and Jacob is right, treat toppings are easy to remember) 🙂

  2. so sweet

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