Spotlight: {Mommy}

Daddy:  Who would like to start?

*All hands raised* – They know how to make a girl feel loved.

Daddy:  Now remember the rules – you need to stand on your head, plug your nose and tell Mom why you love her.

Josh:  *while standing on his head & plugging his nose* I love Mom because she does these spotlights and if she didn’t do it, our Family Home Evening spotlights would never exist. Or her blog.

Jacob: So, we’re going to actually go through with this? Okay… (also standing on head and plugging nose) You cook all our food and make our lives such a wonderful thing. I also love you for all the love you give us. And you have lots of patience.

Drewby: Mom, can I sit by you until Dad returns? (Dad’s taking a photo upon my request.)

Autumn: I like Mom because she makes really good treats. She bakes really good tasty things. She is always taking pictures and is creative.

Drewby: Ummmmm… I love you for all the stuff you do for us.

Caleb: Now it’s my turn! I love Mom because she makes the best food. Heee hee hah hee. And the best day is my medicine. (He has antibiotics he’s taking right now and the last few days he has rocked them.  A beautiful, welcome contrast to the first few days.)

Daddy: I love you Becky because you are the shoulder I can cry on, you’re the grave I want to die on… just kidding. It’s a good thing I have edit powers on your blog.

Caleb: What animal makes two sounds?

Daddy: Rawwrr and Oink Oink (thinking Caleb asked him to make two animal sounds…)

Caleb: A humpback whale. There are lots of humpback whales in real life. They are big. This big. And they live in lots of water. Now this is really tricky – what says woockcht woockcht woockcht?

Daddy: A pig?

Caleb: You got it!! (Not sure how he got that one…) What says mooooo?

Daddy: Cow?

Caleb: Yes! And what says shine shine shine?

Daddy: ???

Caleb: The Sun!

Daddy:  Alright Katey – it’s your turn. What do you love about Mommy the most?

Katey: What??!? I thought we were doing scriptures.

Daddy: Go ahead. Mommy’s waiting.

Katey: I can’t think of anything… Oh, Daddy I’m ready. I love Mommy because she makes food. If we didn’t have Mom she couldn’t make the food. Only you could Dad!

Daddy: That would be tragic.

Drewby: If we didn’t have Mom, we wouldn’t even be born. (The deep thinker…)

Daddy: Everyone listen up! This is going to be epic.

Katey:  Wait. wait. I want to do another one. I wasn’t finished.

Daddy: *sigh* go ahead.

Katey: I also love mom… because yeah. I’ve got to think of something… Well, *lip smacks*, …um… uh… *pant* *pant* what I like about mom is that… uh… what does she do? I’ve got to think of something… But I don’t know one. Awww… I’m not finished.

Daddy: Katey, you don’t have one…

Katey: Yes I do. I love mom because she gives us hugs and kisses. (Good one.)

Daddy: I love mommy because when she has very little time to do things that she would like to do she gives up that time to do things for us. She doesn’t get to read as much as she wants, or ride her bike as much as she likes because she gives up her time to do things for you. She does the same thing for me too.

Autumn: Is that it?

Daddy: No. If this is the longest spotlight ever I need to think of something else to say. And mom always makes birthdays epic. Good thing mine’s tomorrow… nudge, nudge. (no pressure)

Autumn: I’m pretty sure you’re done – right dad?

Daddy: I’m just getting started…

The end.

Dessert: Apple Pie Cake

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  1. so cute! I feel like a just got a glimpse into your family… your family home evening to be exact! 🙂
    “what says shine shine shine?” -so. cute.

  2. We laughed really hard reading through this. 🙂
    We love Becky because she smiles a lot and cooks good!!
    P.S. What is the recipe for that Apple Pie Cake? Sounds Delicious!

    –Adam, Kristen, James, & Lily

    • Thanks guys! 🙂

      Apple Pie Cake is an invention. It started out with me wanting to make an apple cobbler. But the only cake mixes we have are chocolate and lemon. Not conducive. I wanted a throw together dessert though so I put apple pie filling on the bottom and put a snowflake cookie mix on top – similar to wedding cakes. Almonds and powdered sugar. The mix kinda combined with the pie filling to make more of a cake than a cobbler. When asked what it was – that’s the first thing that came out of my mouth – well, after apple tastiness, but noone liked that name.

  3. The best thing about these spotlights is the included effects *pant* *pant.* Katey wouldn’t happen to be four would she? I believe I’ve seen those exact expressions manifest themselves at my house. Just love this. So much.

  4. So your mom shared your blog with me when I asked for family information. I love your blog! Especially the spotlights! So cute!!! We love Becky because she is a great cousin, super nice, and just plain awesome 😀

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