Spotlight: {Daddy}

Daddy:  I love me because… oh, okay – Mommy can start.

Mommy:  Daddy rocks the treats for Family Home Evening.  Tonight it was all about the yummy theater popcorn.  He even acquired the popcorn maker this evening.  He has big plans to grow Glass Gem Corn for popping.  Beautiful!  Also, for a few days now Jim Bob has been playing Letterpress with the kiddos.  They all love playing together – and I’ve heard him comment that he loves having smart children that play well together. {And in true geeky form – I have no less than 4 links for this man of ours we love!}


Jacob:  I love that Dad takes time to play with his kids. Whether digital or physical.

Josh:  I like Dad’s ideas. The bright ones and the not-so-bright ones. One bright one was having me steer the car today while Dad pushed.  The other one is to put up a railing in the loft in the treehouse so we don’t fall off.

Autumn:  I like Dad because he’s always smiling and he likes to wear hats a lot. And I like about Dad because he always likes to make us laugh and I like that part about him a lot.

Andrew:  Dad is so nice. He shares his stuff with us.

Josh:  Like power tools!

Jacob:  And belly button lint!

Andrew:  No – hahahhaa *giggle* – his popcorn and things he buys.

Katey:  I love Dad because he cooks food for me.  For the family.

{Dad makes breakfast almost every single morning.  It’s wondrous! He “magically transforms oats into oatmeal” – his words.  He also magically transforms bread into toast.}

Caleb:  My best part of Daddy is doing Pledge of Allegiance with us. And my other favorite part is Meri drooling on a car outside. {??}

Katey:  I’m not done. Well, um…

Caleb:  Rock faster Daddy.

Katey:  And I like Daddy because he paid for this house.  Because if he didn’t buy the house we would just be outside.

Caleb:  In the treehouse. And we’d get rained on.

So thankful for our house-buying, popcorn-providing, game-playing, laugh-inducing, breakfast-making man! What a catch for us all!  🙂

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  1. Ruth Hansen says:

    Wow…these compliments are awesome. The being outside in the tree house one made me giggle.

  2. Ladonna Gedeborg - aka Grandma says:

    So fun! You do have a wonderful Husband & great kiddos! Love ya!!!

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