My getting-stuck-in-the-mud outfit – last Saturday:


[Coat:  Old Navy – $20, Skirt:  hand-me-down, Shoes:  DI – $5]

{oops! In my defense the muddy area was snow covered and I didn’t realize how boggy it was.}

Here’s Jim Bob’s getting-me-out-of-the-mud outfit:


[Coat:  North Face – eBay $50, Hat:  Mission gift, Cords:  DI – $4, Boots: IFA – $12]

{minus Mom’s truck – thanks again!}

Thankfully it happened near my friend Jessica’s home and I had a lovely talk with her, her sister-in-law and mother-in-law while I waited for Jim Bob to come rescue me. Not a bad way to spend part of the afternoon.

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  1. Ruth Hansen says:

    This is the best outfit post I have ever seen! Very funny. 🙂 And Becky, you sure look stunning in your getting-stuck-in-the-mud outfit.

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