Spotlight: Meri

Autumn:  *hand raised*  Can I start?

Andrew:  Can I go first?

Katey:  I want to.

Daddy:  No, I’m going to.  (That’s how you settle an argument.)  I love Meri because her smile is amazing and her eyes just light up when she’s excited or happy.  She’s just adorable and so sweet.

Jacob:  Meri Jane has a beautiful laugh.  It’s amazing.  I didn’t know anyone could laugh in that tone until she came along.

Josh:  2 words.  Epic cuteness.

Daddy:  I’m pretty sure cuteness is not an official word.  Maybe you can get creative credit in a dictionary.

Autumn: I love Meri’s laugh.  It is just so funny.  She just giggles really funny.  She also is really happy when she goes up high.  I like that she likes to get around to places really fast.  When she crawls, she crawls fast.

Andrew:  I love Meri because she is so cute.  I’ve never seen a baby cuter.  And I also love her because her laugh is so cute.

Katey:  I love Meri because she is so cute and has a cute laugh and is just so cute.  I really wanted a girl baby when a baby was in mommy’s tummy and it was a little girl – Meri Jane!

Josh:  I want to add on something.  I forgot to say that the most fluent word she’s ever said was when Cali (our cat) brushed her tail on Meri’s chin and Meri said “Kitty!”

*Censored conversation – about poufs.  Between our two oldest boys.  We’ll leave it there.*

Caleb:  I love Meri fighting with swords and with arrows.  (um…??)

Daddy:  What else do you love about Meri?

Caleb:  None else.

Daddy:  What does Meri do to make you laugh?

Caleb:  Kangaroo hoping in a house.

Daddy:  Did you do that?  Did Meri laugh at you?

Caleb:  Mmm Hmmm.

Caleb:  Mom – are you working on mine?

(Oh yes.)

Mommy:  Meri is an explorer.  She loves to feel, touch, see and taste – everything.  She is especially loving tam-a-dreams (tangerines) and a sippy cup full of milk that she discovered this morning.  Her happy gulps were hilarious.  She has huge bright eyes that reveal what she’s feeling.  She’s always happiest when her daddy walks in the door.  Bright eyes and huuuge squeals.  🙂

Meri is our sweetheart of an angel that loves her family.  She is the Bear Scout mascot – a little bundle of joy and so very fun to have around.  She is starting to stand on her own right from sitting and then waits for a reaction.  Happy sounds and enthusiastic clapping (on her part – and ours) and then she falls over, stands up and does it all again.  Thankful Meri is in our family!   (She’s snoozing right now after an event-filled day and missed her spotlight.  Sadly.  She would have loved the attention.)

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  1. Your kids say to coolest things. It’s probably because this is something you do often, but they are very thoughtful and clever in their compliments. It’s awesome!

  2. cute baby girl

  3. Meri is a little sweetheart!!!

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