Spotlight: Caleb

Josh:  I love that Caleb is sooo hyperactive and has such a giggly laugh.

Mommy:  Who’s next?

Caleb:  Meeee!  (slightly excited)

Jacob:  I love that Caleb is smart and imaginative.

Josh:  Yeah, he pretends his bed is a banana tree.

Andrew:  I like Caleb because he plays with me a lot.

Katey:  I love Caleb because he loves me and he hugs me.

Caleb:  I love Katey hugs me real tight!  Hey – what’s that? (checking out the Children’s Encyclopedia)

Daddy:  A Viking boat.

Caleb:  Can the people all fit?

Autumn:  I love Caleb because he loves to read books and sometimes he even makes up the words in his book.  He likes motorcycles and said he’s going to ride a green one with Dad someday.

Caleb:  No!!  It was a blue one.  We’re going to ride a blue one.

Katey:  Or a scootcher.  (complete with peddling actions)

Daddy:  I love Mister Caleb because he lets me listen to his prayers at night when I tuck him in.  He also loves to read my motorcycle book in bed and dream about riding bikes.

Caleb:  The blue one!

Daddy:  Yep – he loves that chopper.

Caleb:  Mommy reads books in bed!  A big chunk of one.  With a light on.  Hahhaaaahahaha.

Mommy:  I adore Caleb’s vocabulary.  He can explain so much of what he’s thinking.  It cracks me up.  Today he was carrying something to the table and he just talked to himself about everything he was doing and thinking along the way.  So silly and cute.

Caleb is a sweetheart in preschool too and wants to do everything his big sister is doing.  He sings, says prayers, does the Pledge of Allegiance like a pro (well, almost), has the 2nd Article of Faith memorized (because he is 2! – and reminds us all the time), knows his colors, adores Signing Time, and sits through long stories.  Today he pretended to be a horse for hours.  He neighed all over the house and licked Katey’s dress.  She didn’t like that part – but that’s what horses do.  Caleb is amazing, and silly and can’t wait to ride a motorcycle (steel horse according to Daddy).  Obviously.

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  1. “Or a scootcher.” I love it!

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