Spotlight: Katey Belle

Daddy:  Katey Belle, I love that you love to dance and I’m so happy you had fun at your first dance class this year.  You also love to twirl.

Caleb:  I love her.  I love her dance class.

Daddy:  What else do you love?

Caleb:  I love Meri.

Joshua:  What I like about Katey is that she has such a great smile and that she’s creative.

Jacob:  I love that Katey is bubbly and funny.

*Katey starts blowing mouth bubbles.  and laughing voraciously.* – Jacob is so right.

Katey:  I must be the bubbliest one in the family.

Autumn:  She has a giggly laugh.  I love it.

Katey:  cackley-goodness

Drewby:  I love Katey because she is so funny.

Daddy:  She is funny!… and sweet.

Mommy:  I love when Katey sits on my lap and snuggles in.  She picks great books that have lots of stories and we read and read and read.  She is so focused and loving.

Mommy:  Ok – last paragraph – anything anyone else wants to say?

Jacob:  I’m trying to think of something unforgettable.

Katey:  Daddy – it’s your turn.

Daddy:  I did the first one!  We love you Katey Belle – even Meri does.  Meri Jane flips for Katey. (She really does – right over Daddy’s legs.  She is all over the place right now.  Even taking side scooches and holding on with one hand – she is way too close to walking.)

Katey is a sweet, sweet, sweetheart.  She is also a riot to have around.  She does funny things, has funny thoughts that come right out and keeps us all in stitches.  She is protective and kind both.  She can be thoughtful and silly and is a good sharer.  And Autumn thinks Katey’s dance shoes are cute.

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  1. Boston Henke says:

    cute kids!
    I can sympathize with Jacob, I’m always trying to think of something unforgettable to say too and alas…nothing comes. 🙂 It’s the thought that counts right? 🙂
    p.s. I love reading your blog. You guys have the coolest family. It’s fun to get a glimpse of it from so far away here in NM. Love you guys!

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