Mommy and Me Journals

I found about this idea for capturing everyday from my good friend Mindy:  Mommy and Me Journals.

{credits: here}

These are journals to ask questions and draw pictures in. We take turns. Child asks a question. Then they place it on my pillow. I answer their question and ask them one and put on their pillow. They answer my question and then ask me a new one and put it on my pillow.  Back and forth – as often as wanted. So. Very. Wonderful.

Mindy’s cute journals are here. | A post about them is here – on Purdue Avenue. | More about this sweet concept here.

The journal above is Autumn’s.  She’s a talker and this is just perfect for her.  The little question book on the back was made with her in mind – she likes lots of ideas to pick from.

Sometimes Autumn uses the booklet for ideas – and sometimes not.  You are welcome to download our questions by clicking on the image above.  The directions for folding/cutting/making the sweet little books is on Elsie’s blog.  My book is made based on a template by Mandi (thanks for making it easy girl!).  If you’d like to make your own – head to her blog and download the evidence field book from the sidebar.  The photoshop template is in there.

Inspiration is everywhere when it comes to questions.  Autumn recently discovered the “English Roses” book series. This one has tons of questions that the girls answer and then blank ones to answer in the back. We used some of the ideas above. I also found some fun questions in our Cranium game: What would we talk about at the beach? How many feet could I fling a spoonful of mashed potatoes? If you were packing a picnic basket, you’d be sure to put ________ in it. I also like the idea of just asking back and forth with whatever comes.

Katey saw us having so much fun and wanted a journal of her own. She started by drawing a picture. We draw pictures back and forth and leave them on the pillows too. The first picture is of a mommy with her hands over her head. I was told she was saying “What are you two doing not in bed?” This is guaranteed to be interesting…

Autumn’s journal always has a quick turn-around.  It is so fun to discover and share with her.  Without this journal I might not know that the person she would most like to meet is a poor man so that she could give him money (so sweet!) or that her favorite thing to do at dance class is dance. 😉 She has learned all about my BFF from high school (that she is named after – middle name) and I now know that she prefers a different color of nail polish on her fingers than her toes. I accidentally messed up on one of my questions and just ran with it: If you were on a desserted island, what three desserts would you search for first? 😉 We use the journal to make plans, design dresses, talk about favorite songs and she heard all about my first date with her daddy.  We have named constellations, talked about her future family (she’s planning on 100 children), drawn self-portraits and I learned that the thing she daydreams about the most is ice cream.  I am excited to see how the conversations change over time.

My current fav:

Me:  What qualities do you want in your future husband?

Autumn:  Advencrich and tikalich  (adventurous and ticklish)

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  1. Ruth Hansen says:

    What a fun idea Becky! Love it! Also, Autumn’s “must haves” for her future husband are hilarious. Made us smile over here in Nampa. 🙂

  2. cute idea. I love how you make individual time with your kids.

  3. Adventurous and ticklish are fantastic qualities to look for. I love it.

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