*spotlight* Brendan

Jacob:  I love that Brendan is so inventive and creative.

Katey:  Us too! (Her and Hailey)

Hailey:  Yeah, we’re going to be doctors!  (inventive and creative?  I guess that could work for a doctor.  😉 )

Katey:  When I grow up I’m going to be a doctor like Autumn.  We have band-aids.  We’re ready.

Faith:  I think Brendan is very good at drawing and artistic.

Steven:  And bowling.

Jim Bob:  I love that Brendan is so compassionate.  Having watched him over the last month when Caleb or Katey needed help – he is very observant.  When he sees someone that needs help he is more than willing to stoop down, stop what he’s doing and help out.  Brendan is compassionate and observant.

Josh:  Merciful.  Compassionate and now merciful.

Duke:  Brendan pets me.

Brendan:  Yes and I’m a sucker to stay for at least 10 minutes.

Calvin:  I think Brendan’s salsa is good.  And I like his treats.  And his scrambled eggs – they’re tasty.

Hailey:  You’re great at artist.  And at drawing.  And you jump on the tramp with me.  And you’re good at sharing.

Katey:  He watches us.  He babysits me and reads me stories.

Hailey:  And gives me rides.

Andrew:  I’m glad Brendan is my cousin.

Jim Bob:  Why?

Andrew:  I don’t know.  I haven’t thought about it.  Can I have some time?

Logan:  I can’t think with everyone looking at me.  Everyone has to close their eyes.  … Brendan you are really good at scrambled eggs and treats.  You are really good to have around.  That’s all I have to say.  The End.

Ruth:  I really appreciate that Brendan cares about people.  He cares that people are happy and he tries to be a peacemaker in our home.  When I have a hard day he can tell and tries to help me.  He is a peacemaker and a friend.  He is also getting really good at playing the piano and we have missed it.

Jim Bob:  *singing* “And I can’t fight this feeling anymore.” – Jacob freaked out when he found out that was a love song.  (which led to a discussion about how Brendan didn’t know for a long time either – he just thought it was a neat sounding song.)

Kyran:  *yawn* (Nothing to do with Brendan I’m sure.)  Love you Brendan. (prompted by his mom)

Steven:  Brendan has a soft heart and that very much impresses me about him.  It is one of the things I prayed for when you were born.  It’s something that your uncle Brandon has and partly why we named you after him.  I didn’t want you to be exactly like your uncle, but the soft heart is one of the best parts.  You are the kid I wish I could have been friends with growing up and I’m glad you’re my friend.

And “I can’t fight this feeling anymore…”

Kiara:  Brendan is a really great pianist.  He’s really confident and helps me when I’m upset and a good babysitter.  And he has handsome red hair and lots of freckles that are really handsome.

(and now a discussion on freckles – and how Steven wished he had freckles growing up because his mom called them Angel Kisses.  He would look in the mirror and hope for at least one.  It never happened.  Bummer.)

Autumn:  I love Brendan’s red hair and he is a really good babysitter.  And he’s a great pianist.  And at sharing candy.

Brendan:  My hair must be stylish.

Becky:  I love that Brendan is a huge sharer.  He is constantly sharing what he has – cards, candy, time, music.  One day he told me that when he’s feeling a little sad or lonely he shares and feels better.  What a great lesson! – to reach outside of yourself when feeling down.

Caleb:  I love his shirt.  (Marvel Heroes)  I love monsters on his shirt.

We have loved having Brendan live with us!

(We have cousins here!  Could you tell??)

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  1. ” I can’t think with everyone looking at me. Everyone has to close their eyes.” This is my problem 🙂 It sounds like you guys are having a blast!

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