Seeking Virtue

Birthday time for me is a time of reflection (well, and a little celebration)  :).  It’s perfect that my birthday falls half-way through the year.  I like to take a few moments to see how my beginning of the year goals are going.  While visiting the Church Art Museum last year this quilt spoke to my heart:

My current scripture study is about treasure.  I decided this quilt is the perfect treasure map for me here and now.

The title is “Angel’s Portion:  Seeking Virtue”.  Angel’s Portion meaning big – this quilt is beautiful and pulls me right in.  The story quilt shows seven ladies – “each shown in an active pursuit of virtue”.  I love the “active pursuit” part.  It takes effort to become more virtuous and to seek after virtuous things – ideas, talents, and gifts.  True treasures.

A tender mercy is the fact that this quilt is in the Ensign for June – my birthday month and a perfect reminder to check in.  {front view of the quilt | full article in the Ensign}

In the article it says “Each of these women possesses a trait that can be shared with others to bless humanity:  sentinel, scholar, gardener, nurturer, caregiver, musician, and home builder. The artist explains that these women “honor those who pursue and use talents to bless humanity.'”  Is there any better way to live?

Here is a list of the goals I’m working on in these areas:

  • Sentinel –  Work on leadership qualities:  magnify calling, love those I serve, pray for those I teach and visit.
  • Scholar – Learn more about Teaching Self Government – and apply in my home.  Study photography.
  • Gardener – Help with the Heritage Gardens.  Grow a garden – especially herbs.
  • Nurturer – Tell stories!  Especially family history ones and stories from my childhood.  Consistant interviews with my children.  Pizza dough tossing and doodling/sketching skills.
  • Caregiver –  Monthly FHE service.  Look for opportunities.
  • Musician –  Teach children piano, guitar, drums – what each is interested in and keep up and learn musical talents in those areas.  Also accept opportunities as presented to play flute and sing.
  • Home Builder – Hang family photos and temple pictures throughout our home.  Paint living room and dining room.  Proverbs 14:1  ” Every wise woman buildeth her house.” (A lot of the previous goals fit into building our home.)

Some are coming together better than others – all with room to improve.

I want my goals to focus on seeking virtue and using skills to love and bless my family.  I’m thankful for a quote that jumped out to me while reading President Monson’s talk from General Conference.  It wraps my thoughts into a nice package.  A birthday package even.  “There are feet to steady, hands to grasp, minds to encourage, hearts to inspire, and souls to save.”

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