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This morning the older ones got up early (6 am) with Jim Bob and set up approximately 14,000 chairs on the temple lawn (with lots of help from others 😉 ).  A huge undertaking – and always well attended.  The task was done in about 1 hour 15 minutes.

{last year’s audience one night; photo by Nick Marsing}

A week ago last Saturday the sets and lighting towers were put up.  That process takes longer.  Brendan wanted to help when they started – also 6 am.  Jim Bob had plans that Saturday and got up to see if Brendan needed anything before leaving.  He found this note:

Such a responsible young man.  He rode a bike up to Temple Hill and got helping.

Sets going up:

Brendan is in the upper left of this photo.

The sets stay looking like rocks during most of the Book of Mormon scenes and then unfold to show Joseph Smith’s home, Carthage jail and a pioneer home.  Here it is in progress – so you can see a bit of it all.  Another fun part of the set is the volcano that rotates to reveal a temple – very neat.  That one is moved on and off the hill each night.

Who takes care of all the sets and props during the show?  Well, there is a crew for that too.

Here’s the group from last year:

{photo by Nick Marsing}

Fifth from the left is my Mom Pipes – she is amazing running all over the hill – moving sets and carrying props here and there.  She’s at it again this year.  Third from the right is Jim Bob’s (and therefore mine too!) brother John.  Last year he was stage crew for half the nights and Angel on the Temple for the other half.  We sure miss him this year, but he’s living a good life freshly married.

So many ways to help out with the Mormon Miracle Pageant.

Have a good day!  🙂

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