This week will be filled with new posts about Pageant- I promise.  I have a whole list.  Brendan helping with the scenery set-up, a tour of the costume building, words from the opening fireside and a few food posts mixed in as well.

One unexpected story this year is a small feature in the Pageant supplement to the local newspaper.  Meri’s part (baby held by Christ in the Christ in America scene) is being featured.  Although Meri is not the only baby, our family was chosen for the feature partly because Katey and Caleb have played the part in the past.  I did a phone interview and Jim Bob was asked to take the photos.  The editor of the paper said, “Now Jim Bob is a pretty good photographer, right?” to which I could confidently say, “oh, yes!”  They also asked for a family photo.  Brendan took that one.  We gave all the info and are hoping they each get their own by line next to the photos.  🙂

Want a sneek peak?  (Jim Bob said I could have first run… blessed me.)

{It had been a long evening of practices and Meri had had it for the day – the wind had been blowing pretty strong throughout the last part of the practice.   She had just snuggled in and slept.  She woke up just in time for photos and was not. happy.  You just do what you gotta do when you only have one evening to take photos though… and I kinda sorta love the lighting.}

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