Spotlight: Andrew

Brendan:  I think you are very thoughtful.  You had some pretty good ideas for the Spy movie we are going to make.

Andrew:  There are some gadgets we don’t know how to make yet though.

Jacob:  I think Andrew is funny and humorous.

Joshua:  Creative.  Imaginative and creative.

Daddy:  He’s a drawer too.  On this fine drawing day – he is an artist.

Autumn:  Andrew is a good cook.  He helps with stuff.

Andrew:  I helped make a cake today for part of summer chores.  (For our neighbor across the way – she turned 80 today!  🙂 )

Katey:  He helps me build things.  Like towers and houses.  With Legos and blocks.

Daddy:  You do all that?

Andrew:  Yes (said in a high voice)

Daddy:  How aout you Caleb?

Caleb:  He makes cake.

Daddy:  And Caleb likes cake.  We know that.

Caleb:  We put it in a bowl.  Then cook it.  Then put frosting on it.

Daddy:  Then what?

Caleb:  Then put frosting on it.  Then put it in the oven.  Then put it in the oven.  (feeling repetitive?)  Then cook it.  Then we take it out.  Then we eat it.  And it’s yummy.

Mommy:  Andrew is my buddy.  He has the cutest smile and is full of fun ideas.  I like spending time with him.

Joshua:  You should have said he has an epic-ly cute smile.  (it’s true!)

Daddy:  Did you see the little video on lolly-cup?  It’s about shave snow.  It’s got a milk base and looks delicious.  (focus, focus – can you guess what Family Home Evening treats are tonight?)

Daddy:  Andrew is truly one of the most helpful people I know.  And mommy stole my other one.  I love your smile.  I love the way your eyes twinkle when you are truly excited.

Andrew:  Can I have insurance?  Of three quarters a week?  (Thinking he meant allowance ;))

Meri:  (all sorts of full-on smiles)

We love our mister Drewby-Doo.  He makes us smile – by talking and helping and sharing with and loving us all.  His chore right now is washing dishes – which is great for spending time.  Sometimes we even do it two times a day.  He is a great reader and remembers stories so well.  Drewby is also a big eater and would eat fruit all day long if I let him.  Today he ate cantaloupe, pineapple, mango, apples and apricots.  Today.  He just now went to the “anytime” shelf and brought back a handful of sliced cucumbers.  He’s versatile like that.

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